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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Estimates suggest nearly 30,000 websites are infected with some type of malware or virus every day! Some of the more notable attacks include Target, JP Morgan Chase, and ever the IRS! But it’s not just the big guys. Most of the businesses attached by hackers, are small businesses!

Company websites, blogs, and large news sites, are just a few examples of the things hackers can target.  They look for easy targets, and then capitalize on it by stealing information or spreading malicious software.

Did you know that nearly three quarters of all Americans have been the victim of a cyber crime. And a recent survey reports that 90 percent of all businesses suffered at least one computer hack over the past year.

Arm yourself appropriately! At CI Web Group, we’ve developed our hosting packages and services to allow you to fight back with the appropriate amount of force, to fit your needs. Contact a CI Web Group representative to learn how to get started!


Hosting Only Option 1: Monthly – $100
CPU / Disk Space Max – 100 GB (files, images, posts, pages)
Bandwidth Max – 500 GB Monthly / 500 GBPS Speed (data and traffic)

Hosting Only Option 2: Monthly – $150
CPU / Disk Space Max – 100 GB (files, images, posts, pages)
Bandwidth Max – 1 TB Monthly / 500 GBPS Speed (data and traffic)

Hosting Only Option 3: Monthly – $200
CPU / Disk Space Max – 200 GB (files, images, posts, pages)
Bandwidth Max – 10 TB Monthly / 500 GBPS Speed (data and traffic)


Optional Web, Support and Security Services Charged Per Hour
Security Hardening​ & Server Optimization – One Time Fee of $500​
Help Desk Support and Expert Hands – $75 Hour​
Virus/Malware Research and Identification – $75 Hour
Virus/Malware Quarantine and Removal – $75 Hour​
Website/Database/Coding/CSS Fixes or Changes – $75 Hour​
All Break Fixes – $75 Hour​
Backups – $75 Hour​
Site Performance Optimization – $75 Hour​
Mobile Optimization – $75 Hour​
Web Application Firewall + Security Enhancement – $75 Hour​ + Monthly Fee
Remote Back Up Storage  Varies, Specifications Required
UnMasked IP / Masked IP (by location) – Varies, Specifications Required
CDN – Varies, Specifications Required
Denial of Service Attack Mitigation – Varies, Specifications Required
Hack Proofing – $5000 + Monthly Management
And much more!​
As a business, your dedicated engineering and network operations teams are tasked with ensuring that your website and network are performant, secure and always available. Companies around the world choose our Enterprise services to manage all types of situations, from managing regular traffic loads to heavy promotion to DDoS attacks.  The biggest websites in the world are attacked daily and hacked regularly.  It’s a big business requiring a lot of resources focused on prevention, identification and correction.  Every website’s a target!  The better your website performs, the more of a target you become.  Great results = lot’s of problems.

When do you need this plan?  
If you want full admin access to CPanel, WordPress, FTP, Server, Plugins, Etc. Your website is under DDOS attach, infected with a virus, malware, etc.