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JennWe are a service first company. We are dedicated to growth from the inside out. The majority of our business comes from customer referrals and 50% of our customers have been with us for 5 – 10 years.

Customer service is an integral part of each team members job, not as an extension of it. Our companies most vital asset is our customers. We know we would not and could not exist without them. A key performance indicators of our success is the number of satisfied customers, the length of time our customers retain us as their partner and the number of referrals they provide year over year.

Our 10 Rules of Customer Service:

  1. We know who our boss is. We are in business to service customers needs – which means we must know what they want.
  2. We are listeners. We know how to ask great questions and listen. We believe in the 4 agreements. Don’t take things personal. Never make assumptions. Always do your best. Be impeccable with your words.
  3. Identify and anticipate needs. Communicate regularly.
  4. Make customers feel important and appreciated. Treat them as individuals. Value sincerity. Create trust through honesty.
  5. Appreciate the power of “Yes” and always look for a positive solution for our customers.
  6. Help customers understand our systems. Take time to explain and education. Show and teach.
  7. Know how to apologize if something goes wrong.
  8. Give more than is expected. Since our success lies in keeping our customers happy, we are constantly thinking about what we can give that you cannot get elsewhere and what can we give a customer that is totally unexpected.
  9. Request regular feedback. We encourage and welcome suggestions on how we can improve. Listen carefully. Change, grow and evolve. Check back regularly.
  10. Treat our employees well. Our employees are our internal customers and need a regular dose of appreciation. Find ways to let them know how important they are. Treat our employees with respect. Treating customers and employees well is equally important.