Understanding Organic Customer Acquisition in the HVAC Industry

Understanding Organic Customer Acquisition in the HVAC Industry

There are 3 factors that go into determining an effective an SEO plan will be:

Search Volume

This will vary throughout the year. Summer and winter may be busy, where Spring and Fall may have no volume at all.


When you search for a phrase, how many competitive results are an option? That's what you're working against.


The more competition, the more time it takes to see results. SEO is not an immediate ROI service like paid advertising.

Search Volume

SEO plans don’t work unless there is pre-existing search volume. What this means is, if everyone’s windows are open because the weather is great, as an HVAC company, you’re not getting any business from organic search. Why is that? It’s because Search Engine Optimization gets you to rank higher in the organic search options, but if there’s no one using the search engine because the weather is great, you won’t be getting calls from that avenue. 

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How Can HVAC Companies Stay Busy During the Shoulder Season?

Maintenance Agreements

There’s a few different ways, but the first, most profitable option will always be service agreements. When you go out to a customer’s house, you can identify repairs and increase the likelihood of presenting a new system installation and actually converting that customer. Maintenance agreement customers are the best way to tide your business over during the slow times, while also increasing your brand reputation by spending more quality time with customers, and encouraging referrals. This is also the ideal time to focus on your reviews acquisition since you will be dealing with more happy customers than emergency calls about AC’s being down.

Re-Marketing Yourself to Past Customers

During the shoulder seasons, you’ll have more time to run campaigns that put focus on past customers that you have contact information for. There are text/SMS, email, and mailer campaigns that help effect your bottom line during slow seasons by reminding people about your SEO services and offering pre-season discounts (early bird specials). You should also make it a point to mention service agreements and any discounts given that will encourage those sales further.

Paid Advertising

Using social media and search engine ads will increase the likelihood of your offers being seen by potential customers. These offers need to resonate with the “Price First” customer mindset as the “Quality First” and “Speed First” do not apply as often during seasons where there is low demand. Showing a tune up or financing special is a great way to get consumers interested during off seasons. 

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The weird thing about competition online is that it doesn’t always directly correlate with the competition in your city. On the search engine, you’re competing with the number of search results that pull up when a consumer types what they’re looking for into search. You can see this number when you go to Google and type in “AC Repair” in the city and state that you are located in. Whatever number of pages that get pulled is your competition in the digital world. An SEO plan is a series of optimization tasks that are outlined by Google’s developers. It’s an SEO companies‘ job to stay updated on every change suggested by Google’s team and to apply those changes to your website. 



We get asked a lot, why does it take so much time to get ranked on Google? To understand why this is the case, you have to dive deeper into understanding what Google is and how the corporation makes its money. 

Profitability of a Search Engine

Search engines as a whole are make their money off of consumers going to them as a source of truth and clicking on ads. Many people have come to rely on going to Google to find a product or service, even though the majority of users do not ever use the ads being shown. Now Google only makes money when consumers click on ads, that’s why they’re all the way at the top on the SERP. Even though only a small set of users click on ads, it’s still a very profitable business venture for Google.

Why Do Consumers Use Google?

The reason why people have that trust in their preferred search engine is because of their past experience in searching and finding what they were looking for. That happens because of a series of checks and balances that are put in place and achieved before a result can get more visibility. By meeting these objectives, the results that are shown tend to be of higher quality. However, the most important metric that a search engine pays attention to is how a user reacts once they get on a website. How long do they stay, what do they click on, and do they trigger any events? If they stay for only a couple seconds, then leave, that website will not stay ranked for long at all. It hurts Google’s reputation when users don’t choose the options that it’s recommending.

Time Matters on Search

Now that we understand Google corporate’s mindset, it’s easy to see why it takes so long to get ranked. The bots need to be sure that your website is really the best option. Users will slowly be shown the site as an option more and more often, and depending on how the react to it, the rankings will either go up or go down. How many competitive results usually directly correlates with how long it takes to show up on page one. This is because your site has to be tested against every single option that is a relevant result and the metrics must prove that yours is the better option

Before You Have Organic Acquisition, There Must be Search Volume
and Enough Time to Conquer the Competition.

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