How to Effectively Use Digital Recruitment Marketing

“Your marketing efforts created too much business, and we are getting slammed!”

These are the statements of CI Web Group clients who don’t have a dedicated budget for building their resource pool.

This is the absolute best “problem” to have! But what do you do when you hit this point? 

Well, these particular clients decided to cancel their SEO plan in the hopes that it would slow down the business coming in. This is a mistake!

SEO is not a water spigot that you turn off and immediately stop getting customers. It actually takes about six months of zero SEO effort before you’ll see a decline in results and another 12 months to regain your positioning. 

That’s because when it comes to SEO, it takes months and months of optimization before you get initial results and then it builds upon that momentum. 

If you stop these efforts, you’re only hurting your business in the long run. You’ve also wasted all the money you’ve spent because you’re essentially starting from scratch once you decide to invest in SEO again (with the exception of the permanent investment you made in content).

So What Should You Do Instead?

If you’re six months or a year into your marketing strategy and notice an uptick in customer acquisitions, now is the time to add on an SEO plan strictly focused on digital recruiting. This way, you’re growing your business to keep up with the demand rather than turning customers away and losing money. 

The challenge is that many job searchers heavily rely on online job boards, job aggregators, and social media networking, so you have to stand out when you create your job posting. 

Plus, today’s job applicants aren’t satisfied with working for just any company; they evaluate the company before they apply to make sure any possible workplace they land at aligns with their own culture and values.

The young job seeker, especially, is interested in being a part of a company that gives back, offers a work-life balance, and provides a clear path for advancement.

Digital recruitment marketing will allow you to find the right team for your growing business. Here are some tips on how to use digital recruitment to your advantage to attract high-quality applicants:

By leveraging digital technology, you can acquire the necessary team to manage all these new leads coming in. 

For more information on how CI Web Group can help you get started with digital recruitment marketing, set up a strategy session today!

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