Marketing Strategies for Plumbers

Marketing Strategies for Plumbers

The plumbing business is booming. In the modern competitive business world, the plumbing sector never remains restricted to people with years of expertise. 

Who exactly is a plumber? And what is the job of a plumber? In simpler terms, a plumber is a professional responsible for maintaining, installing, and repairing pipes and fixtures for water distribution, heating and cooling systems, and sanitation appliances in residential and commercial areas.

A plumber is further responsible for reviewing drainage and other plumbing units for compliance with provincial and federal plumbing regulations. So, if you plan to start your own plumber company, set up an office, and are looking for a comprehensive plumbing marketing strategy, you’ve landed at the right spot.

Understanding Top Online Marketing Strategy for Plumbers

Here are some tips you can include in your plumbing marketing strategy. 

1. Create a Plumbing Brand Your Clients will Recognize

Creating a brand for your plumbing business is best to attract and impress potential clients. Furthermore, creating a brand is also the most effortless way to stand out from your competitor.

Once you have determined the visual aspects of your brand (like fonts, logo, and colors), ensure to use them invariably throughout your plumbing marketing endeavors to assist new and existing clients in recognizing your business.

2. Send Service Reminders and Offer Discounts with Email Marketing

Email marketing for plumbers can be a useful way to keep your company top-of-mind for clients who may require your assistance down the road. Also, it is better to think of specific calls to action (CTAs) or topics that resonate with your target audience to make this digital marketing strategy work for your business. For instance:

  • Remind clients of needed or recommended maintenance services (e.g., preventative plumbing upkeep).
  • Share valuable details or plumbing tips to create brand loyalty. 
  • Present seasonal reminders to assist customers in keeping their plumbing business running smoothly.

3. Obtain Targeted Plumbing Leads Through Lead Generation Platforms

Listing your plumbing company on different online lead generation platforms can place you in front of clients actively looking for your plumbing services—with little struggle. 

These websites serve best if you provide maintenance assistance or bathroom or kitchen remodels. Just bid on the plumbing tasks you like and send quotes to prospective clients. Likewise, you can use these platforms to gather client reviews and enhance your brand’s reputation.

4. Optimize Your Plumbing Website for Different Search Engines

Local SEO (search engine optimization) refers to an online marketing strategy business owners employ to rank higher on different SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Below are some ways how to add plumbing SEO to your business website:

  • Make your company name, contact details, and service area noticeable on every page of your plumbing platform.
  • Incorporate keywords or phrases a client would use to search for your assistance, such as “plumbing emergency services,” “residential plumbers,” or “24-hour plumbers.”
  • Register your platform with regional directories like Yelp, Google My Business, or Bing Places. 

5. Build Confidence With Positive Consumer Reviews

As a plumber, whether the task is to resolve a plumbing emergency or install a new plumbing fixture, you’re likely entering a client’s residence in undesirable or stressful circumstances. So before they invest in your plumbing services, they must trust your company. Therefore, it is imperative to boost your business reputation by asking for favorable online reviews from satisfied customers. Then promote them with mechanisms like:

  • A testimonial or review page on your plumbing website
  • Posts on your social media websites
  • Marketing materials like flyers or van wraps 

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