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Kimberly Marshall Search Engine Marketing Strategist

Hi my name is Kimberly Marshall. I am a search engine marketing strategist for CI Web Group. I enjoy watching cheesy SCi-Fi, cooking, and exploring new places with my sidekicks – my twin boys! CI Web Group has changed my life dramatically in the 3 years that I have been a part of this team. Fresh out of accounting school, I was drawn in by the community, mindset, and knowledge my future team mates held. Making a move that would change my whole life, I decided to go for it!

When I first came on at CI Web Group, I was determined to master every tool, concept, and task set in front of me. Finding joy in deciphering the puzzles of digital  marketing, I have spent a lot of time tinkering around in the reporting platforms that you see in our strategy sessions. For me, finding out the best way to automate and optimize is the highlight of my job. From Data Entry to On Page SEO, I have been a part of many departments, soaking up as much information as possible. This passion to learn new systems led me to my role as head of Local Listings, as well as eventually becoming a marketing strategist.

I have been managing the Local Listings department at CI Web Group for over 2 years now. The platform has grown immensely from when I first took the position. Over time, I have watched our clients growth, analyzing contributing factors. I have watched and learned as the 12 Step Road Map has guided business owners to their success. Spending so much time in different marketing departments, I watched the cause and effect time and time again, building up my knowledge-base so that I could advise based on fact. They say knowledge is power, and it shows in our results. Whether you are starting out with no website, or with 3000 pages, our experts can handle both the web project and the marketing that comes with it.


Kimberly Marshall - CI Web Group

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