How to Get Your Business Verified on Google

How to Get Your Business Verified on Google

How to verify your business on Google

Verifying your business on Google is crucial for ensuring your information is accurate and secure. Here’s how you can easily verify your business and manage your profile.

Before You Start:

Check that your business address complies with Google’s guidelines to avoid delays.

Verification Process:

  • Add or Claim Your Business Profile: Start by adding or claiming your profile on Google.

  • Select a Verification Method: Verification can be completed via phone, text, email, or video. The method you’re eligible for depends on factors like your business category and location.


Standard Verification Methods

  • Phone or Text: Make sure you can receive calls or texts at your listed business number.

  • Email: Use an accessible email address.

  • Video Recording: Provide a video that showcases your business operations.

  • Live Video Call: Be prepared to demonstrate your business location and ownership.

  • Mail: Google may send a postcard with a verification code to your address.

  • Complete the Verification: Follow the instructions for your selected verification method. Keep in mind, verification reviews can take up to 7 days. Instant verification might be available if your website is verified with Google Search Console or if you manage multiple locations. Businesses with 10 or more locations might be eligible for bulk verification.

After Verification:

  • Once verified, Google will notify you. If initial verification fails, you’ll be prompted to try another method. Updates to your business information may take a few weeks to appear on Google.

  • You can edit your profile and interact with customers at any time.

Finding Your Profile:

  • Search for your business on Google Search or Maps, or access it directly through the Google Maps app.

  • Please note: Google might require re-verification following changes to your business info or to ensure data quality.

It’s important to note that Google determines the available verification method, and it can’t be changed. If you need help, CI Web Group’s support team is here to assist. For any questions or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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