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CI Web Group is proud to be a part of the Houston, TX Websites, SEO, and Digital Marketing scene! Located downtown, our company has a deep understanding of the why’s and how’s of digital marketing in the Houston Metroplex. Our 12 Step Roadmap offers a comprehensive outline of what to do in order to build your website, effectively get traffic to it, and most importantly, CONVERT WEBSITE LEADS.

Houston Digital Marketing

A website is the home base for all of your online marketing. Organic SEO website traffic is also typically your lowest cost per lead out of all of your digital marketing efforts. Pay extra attention to metrics like load speed, internal & external links, frequency of posting, and word count. These pieces of the puzzle are essential to your website’s ranking.

The Importance of Page Speed

Page speed is critical in terms of user experience and SEO services. It’s known that pages with longer load time tend to have a higher bounce rate. This means that people who visit your website leave without having any interaction with your pages. When this occurs, your bounce rate will increase, and Google will view the website as not user-friendly. Longer load times have also shown that people are less likely to convert on the website. CI Web Group, Inc. understands this, and we make sure your website is user-friendly and optimized according to Google’s standards.

The Difference Between Internal & External Links

What’s the difference between internal & external links? Well, internal links are links that only point to your website or domain. This means that it does not refer you to a different website when you click on a link. External links or sometimes referred to as backlinks, are links on your website other than your own that point to your site. Google uses the quality of your external links to determine how valuable you are. Having quality external links will build the visibility of your website.

Frequency of Posting & Word Count

For SEO to work, you need content. SEO and content can not work interdependently. Focusing on creating great content and doing it frequently helps your SEO rankings significantly.

Digital marketing is the ability to use the internet and other online platforms to reach your consumers. It is a mix of SEO, advertising, social media, reviews acquisition, and so much more!

Simply put yes! Having a website gives you an online presence that will increase your business credibility. It allows you to attract new customers and showcase your products and services.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it's the process of improving your website so you can be the top choice for search engines such as Google.

Page speed is a measurement that is used to see how fast the content on your website loads.

We recommend on average 600-700 words per page is necessary for you rank on Google.

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