HVAC E-Commerce: Set up your own online store on your website with Contractor Commerce – for free!

HVAC E-Commerce: Set up your own online store on your website with Contractor Commerce  – for free!

Over the past six months, the world has shifted online to a greater extent than ever before. Whether forced by circumstance or lured by convenience, even reluctant e-buyers have rapidly become used to clicking their way through their comparisons and purchases.

There’s no turning back this trend – so smart contractors are making sure they stay ahead of the curve, reaching out to remote customers through as many channels as possible. One of the most profitable ways of turning leads into sales almost instantly is through your own HVAC online store. Right there on your website, purchasers just log in, buy what they need and wait for fast delivery. All this at no cost, and all you have to do is watch your profits increase!

Sounds good? Read on to learn how Contractor Commerce can revolutionize your business in this post-pandemic world.

In 2020, An Online Store as a Must!

A plug-and-play service that slots seamlessly into your website structure, this online store lets contractors sell products (ranging from filters to fully-installed systems) and services (maintenance agreements, once-off tune-ups, repairs and custom installations) directly to customers from their websites.

More than ever, homeowners are eager to shop online, for reasons of safety, as much as convenience. They want products delivered to their doorsteps, signing up for maintenance plans and scheduling tune-ups in just a few clicks. More complex jobs like once-off installations, repairs and replacements can be planned and paid for remotely, while even fully-installed systems can be arranged online, with no need to leave home.

No Extra Staff, no Extra Storage, no Extra Costs

Like an entire new sales department that is open 24/7, your no-cost online store is designed to blend in seamlessly with the style and structure of your current website. That’s all – there’s no need for more sales staff or expensive storage space. As the orders flow in around the clock, Contractor Commerce ships products out to your happy customers from its own stocks. By handling all the logistics and financial aspects, this leaves you free to focus on your core activities of maintaining, repairing, replacing and installing equipment.

Instead of losing sales to e-commerce giants, online retailers and marketplace apps, contractors can now compete on an even playing field through this flexible purchase and delivery system. Once a customer is on your website, it’s far quicker and easier for them to simply click on a BUY NOW! button, rather than logging out and then hunting through huge and less specialized websites for the items they want.

Once a buyer is in your database, it’s easy to schedule reminders, promotions, seasonal offers and other money-spinners that keep them circling back to your online store for repeat purchases. A Contractor Commerce plug-in is like a revolving door on your website: customers soon build up the habit of logging in regularly for fast and easy purchases at budget-friendly prices. It’s also a great word-of-mouth attraction, as loyal customers tell their friends how easy it is to keep their HVAC systems running smoothly through this click-schedule-pay feature.

Designed by Contractors for Contractors

Built from the ground up by contractors familiar with the needs of the home services segment, the Contractor Commerce plug-and-play website add-on provides everything you need to run your business more profitably, with less hassle. Better still, there’s no need for heavy upfront investments of time and money.

All the messy paperwork (confirmation emails, tracking data, payment information) and logistics (stocking, packaging, shipment and delivery) is handled efficiently by Contractor Commerce. All you do is decide what goods and services you want to sell through your website, pick the plan you prefer, and watch your bottom line expand.

With no obligations, costs or commitments, your online store can be up and running in less than half an hour! So, are you ready to start selling goods and services through your website, pumping up your profits?

Schedule a demo

Knowledgeable about the home service for hvac digital marketing and comfortable with cutting-edge e-commerce technology, our team here at CI Web Group are eager to upgrade your website with an online store, all free of charge and customized to your specific needs and preferences. Do you need one of the best SEO companies to grow your HVAC business? Contact Ciweb Group Inc.

All you need to do is pick the plan that best matches your needs:

  • Intro: : perfect for drop selling products (like filters) and services (like tune-ups), your only cost is a $10 fee on each sale, with zero sign-up and set-up charges;
  • Pro: this plan encompasses drop shipping products, selling services, handling invoice payments, custom products, will-call and sales performance incentive fund functions, with a $5 fee on service and system sales, a 2% setup charge, and a monthly fee of $99;
  • Power: all the benefits of the Pro plan, plus selling fully-installed systems and with the drop shipping fee included, with a $5 fee on service and system sales, a 1% setup charge, and a monthly fee of $249.

With the Pro and Power plans, you add your own products and services to your website for direct sale. This means that customers can order anything from an AC tune-up to a fully-installed HVAC system directly from your store! 

Select Exactly What you Want to Sell

There are no limits on your product ranges. Every section of your online store can feature a full range of products, models, sizes and prices, from routine replacement parts (like furnace filters) costing a few dollars to top-of-the-line HVAC systems costing many thousands, with many days of installation fees.

More products attract more leads to turn into sales, with 24-hour operations closing more deals with higher profits, and greater customer satisfaction paving the way to repeat visits.

Stock Your Online Store as You Wish

Add anything you like to this virtual showcase, products, services, plans, promotions …. You can also customize deliveries: customers can order ahead and pick up from your store through the Will Call option; your technicians can take them along on service calls or drop them off on their rounds through the SPIF sales incentive function, bumping up their take-home pay and engagement in sales. You can even ship them yourself, if you feel that would be more efficient, despite zero or minimal drop shipping fees with no overcharge.

Let our partners process these orders, delivering goods directly to your customer, with your business name on the packing slip. Meanwhile, you can devote all your time and energy to providing top quality services to your customers. Every time a service is sold (like signing up for a maintenance plan), you get an email notification, so you can contact your customer promptly and schedule a visit.

Streamlining Buyer Decisions

For more complex orders, like a complete system, the system steers buyers to your pre-configured system recommendations, allowing them to order directly from your website. Once they confirm the purchase, you are notified to contact them and confirm the specific details and scheduling of these jobs.

This online store allows you to offer hundreds of heating and cooling units, furnaces, boilers, and – particularly important as 2020 moves steadily towards an equally uncertain 2021 – air purifiers, humidifiers and UV light options. Better still, you set your own prices and profit margins, with help from experts on how to maximize your profits.

State-of-the-art Digital Sales Technology

The powerful tools embedded in the Contractor Commerce online store turn your website into a mini design studio, where customers can be confident that they are buying fully-installed systems that are right for their homes. This multi-feature plug-in solution ushers prospective buyers smoothly through the marketing funnel, turning a higher percentage of casual searches into prospective customers and buyers through customizable pages showcasing your products and services.

Investing in a brand-new energy-efficient HVAC system is an increasingly appealing option to many homeowners. In addition to lower outlays on utility bills, repairs and replacements over the years ahead, better protection for family health is playing a crucial role in these decisions.

Let’s Talk About Payments

Once a visitor clicks on one of those crucial BUY NOW! calls-to-action, it’s important the entire process runs smoothly. Using their credit cards, buyers can easily settle their invoices through your online store, with no extra charges or markups. All you pay is the normal credit card fee, with no hidden extras.

If you offer financing plans for larger purchases, these can be accessed through the system as well, allowing buyers to plan their household budgets within the sales funnel and thus closing deals more smoothly.

Transparent Fee Structure

Charging set monthly operating fees with a flat fee on sales and minimal percentages on each service or system sold, the Contractor Commerce online store works on a very simple principle: it makes money only when you make money!

There’s no room for uncertainty, doubt or unwanted surprises in this fee system. All the charges are clearly laid out, with up-to-the-minute accounting systems ensuring accurate financial reports each month.

Talk to The Digital Marketing Experts

If you like this idea of adding a round-the-clock sales feature to your website completely free of charge, call the experts at hvac marketing company for a no-obligation demo of how the Contractor Commerce online store can skyrocket your sales figures. We’ll be happy to talk to you.

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