COVID-19 Tips For Social Media, Chatbots and Facebook Ads

COVID-19 Tips For Social Media, Chatbots and Facebook Ads

COVID-19 Tips For Social Media, Chatbots and Facebook Ads

The tough times we are going through right now have brought about some difficult questions for all businesses. Your operations have been grappling with one issue; your marketing has been wrestling with another, and everything is moving as fast as the pandemic would allow. But how can you make the most of this situation?

The truth is there are plenty of things you can do to come out on the winning side. Some items on your list like social media and chatbots can be implemented as standalone solutions, but they can also work in unison with paid Facebook advertising.

To help you make an informed choice, we have collected some information on the subject in an effort to help you drive your business forward and thrive in the new normal.

1.      Digital Attention and Usage Are on the Rise

Now that staying at home is our new normal, worldwide internet traffic has hit an all-time high. It is estimated that there has been a surge of 67% compared to the same period last year. Facebook had to expand their capacity and are currently reporting more than 50% rise in messaging activity, especially in regions that have been affected most by the virus.

2.      Cost of Ads and Competition is at an All-time Low

Facebook is expecting its income from ads to drop by at least 10% this month. Ad costs are dropping lower by the day since most advertisers are cutting down on their marketing budget. The rate per click has decreased by 19% across all verticals. In Asia, Facebook advertising costs are slowly stabilizing following a sharp fall earlier this year. We can also expect to experience a further drop in advertising costs, but the current price seems like a bargain since it’s considerably lower than normal. Our top-notch service of digital marketing will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and digital services.

3.      Mobile Traffic is Losing Some Ground

Since most people are at home during the lockdown, the majority has been accessing the web through their computers. From March 16 onwards, there has been a drop of about 24% in the mobile search traffic registered across all Google products. This means that people are using their laptops and desktops a whole lot more to access the internet, since at the same time cumulative traffic percentages have increased. To capitalize on this, and for your Facebook ads to yield a higher return on investment, consider creating desktop-friendly ad posts.

4.      Use Appropriate Messaging to Increase ROAS and Decrease CPA

By coming up with messaging that is appropriate and sensitive to the current situation, you will manage to reduce your CPA (cost per action) and increase your ROAS (return on ad spend). Our work has revealed that you are likely to get better results by including phrases like “at home.”  To boost the performance of your ads, consider using creative ads that are insightful and entertaining, and by all means do not promote fear.

5.      In Q2 Ads are Expected to Surge Again

The time to act is now. Back in Q1, things came to a sudden stop in numerous ways. Social media and display ad campaigns have either been suspended or terminated by almost half of the advertisers. However, up to 65% of advertisers agree that there could be a surge in Q2 when it comes to performance-based media like Facebook and Google ads, which could result in a potential cost spike.

6.      Leverage Your Organic Reach

Even though the visibility of business page content throughout people’s feeds is being reduced automatically by Facebook’s algorithm, there’s a good reason to keep on posting valuable content on your page. Facebook has been transitioning into a “pay to play arena” for quite a while. And even though using Facebook ads is a clear remedy in this situation, your prospective customers still want to see valuable content coming directly from you in an organic manner. After all, they’re going to check your page content even if they land there through an ad. For this reason we have created for you a free library of social media graphics.

7.      Facebook Ads and Chatbots is a killer Combination

Incorporating AI chatbots into your Facebook ads will increase your chances of closing a deal. Chatbots can effectively decrease the time it takes to convert a prospect once they click on your ad. If the ad creative is appealing enough, they won’t have to wait. Your artificial intelligence chatbot will take them by the hand and close the deal on your behalf. In addition, a Chatbot serves to qualify leads that may end up being a dead end, and essentially saves your employees’ valuable time that’s perhaps better spent on more productive activities. It’s customer service galore on autopilot! A bot asks the user some questions and collects essential data up until they schedule a call. In these tough times, a combination of paid ads and chatbots would ensure you convert as many leads as possible.

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We may be living in challenging times, but knowing how to capture the attention of the people that matter the most to your business is of paramount importance. For users to take notice and take you up on your offers timing is essential. Your campaigns have to be creative and your customer service must be timely and on point. All that can be achieved with the help of a chatbot.

Let our team evaluate your HVAC marketing strategies and help your business thrive in the new normal. Cutting-edge data analytics will show us what is working and what is not. If you’ve been searching for an SEO Company in Houston, TX, tangible way to compete with bigger businesses the time to act is now.

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