Home Service Companies Launch Virtual Appointments

Home Service Companies Launch Virtual Appointments

VSS | Virtual Sales and Service System
VSS | Virtual Sales and Service System

Home Service Companies Launch Virtual Appointments

After hovering for decades, it seems as though remote working has finally gone mainstream, swept in by the COVID-19 pandemic. The million-dollar question remains. How are you going to make the best of the current climate and propel your hvac digital marketing business to new heights? 

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With most of the world in isolation, entire families are stuck at home 24/7, imposing heavier burdens on their HVAC systems. But during these crucial months when your office is closed, you can’t afford to lose contact with your leads, prospects, and customers. Local homeowners now more than ever before are frantically looking for honest HVAC services, with an estimated 114% increase as reported by Yext in the past couple of weeks.

The smart answer is to go virtual, with your technicians working from home, constantly available to clear up doubts, prepare quotes and pave the way for in-and-out maintenance and repair calls. Working remotely, your technical teams can pinpoint customer problems through virtual inspections, preparing everything needed in advance through creative diagnostic solutions.

This leaves your customers confident that multiple calls offer no threat of breaching their isolation, as technicians already know what to do before they arrive. Shorter visits mean less personal contact, with social distancing constantly maintained. Replacement parts can be ordered in advance, so only a single visit is needed. Even once-off or scheduled maintenance calls are all streamlined through preliminary virtual inspections that pinpoint possible problem areas.

Respecting the Rules Boosts Respect For Your Business

When contacting customers, prospects, and even leads, using this virtual approach offers reassurance that you are well aware of the protective measures needed to keep your community safe. By minimizing physical contact, there is less chance of job rejection or postponement prompted by concerns about spreading coronavirus, as individual visits are pruned back to the minimum. These efforts to ensure the safety of your customers will not go unnoticed, prompting positive word-of-mouth publicity for your professional approach and its clean and effective solutions.

Potential and current customers love this virtual appointments system, as scheduling a remote visit helps clear up problems faster and with less hassle. When an hvac marketing company goes down – especially with a full house! – home-owners want fast solutions that respect their needs, and virtual inspections are the quickest way to spot problems and plan cost-effective solutions. When a new or replacement system is needed, your expert technicians have faster access to the information they need to shortlist the most appropriate options and prepare quotes. Speeding up decisions through a virtual appointment system is a great comparative advantage that can pump up your bottom line.

Staying ahead of the Competition

In fact, this is the perfect time for forward-thinking dealers to adapt to the virtual appointments solution. The initial strangeness wears off quickly, as everyone is acutely aware that social distancing can be a matter of life and death. There’s no need for multiple house calls, so you save time and money on overhead, as customer homes need only a single visit. With full information and all tools, parts, and equipment at hand, jobs are completed faster and more efficiently, with minimal risk. Remember, this gives you a keen edge over your competition, still lumbering along with outdated methods of doing business.

Staying ahead of the ‘New Normal’

Don’t forget, when the world returns to the ‘new normal in the next few months, all the advantages of this virtual appointments system still remain in place. Customers used to remote pre-call inspections will be delighted to continue with this approach, as a single repair or maintenance visit causes less disturbance in the home.

Budget-friendly Innovation

Now for the really good news: this cutting-edge virtual appointments system can be slotted neatly into your current website, with no need for an expensive make-over or heavy investments in another marketing package. You can use it as a standalone tool, even if you don’t have a website.

So if you’re an HVAC dealer determined to succeed by adapting and by going remote, contact us to learn more. We can quickly implement a virtual sales center solution for your business starting from just $59/month. The system is guaranteed to lower your costs, save time and money and free up staff to respond faster to more queries. But above all, you would be finally able to leverage a humane approach in closing business and thriving in the new normal.

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