The Holy Grail of Marketing Automation

The Holy Grail of Marketing Automation

The Holy Grail of Marketing Automation

What’s the purpose of a powerful hvac digital marketing website? For starters, it’s all about credibility and frictionless information exchange. In the digital age, your online presence can help you expand your business and dominate your competition. It can also save valuable time by automating certain business operations. 

On the other end of the spectrum, having a high-converting website makes it easier to communicate your value proposition far and wide in order to close more deals. Drawing consumer insights, advertising, and first-class customer service all become much easier with a website that creates more business on your behalf even on weekends. But what is the common denominator across the board? In absence of this one element, your website would never yield any tangible results. 

Welcome Marketing Automation

Imagine that you just moved into a new house. If you don’t give your friends and family your new address and telephone number how would they know where to find you? Marketing your website, or better yet having tools that put your name out there without you lifting a finger is equivalent to giving out your address and phone number. 

At its core, marketing automation is all about using software to automate certain digital marketing activities. Lead generation, social media, and advertising campaigns fall into this bucket. It would be ideal to think of marketing automation as a standalone solution; a switch that we can turn on and off. But the reality is that it’s a combination of software and strategy. Setting up your business listings to kickstart your lead generation, or creating relevant social media posts that entertain and educate your audience while subtly marketing your services both require a human touch. 

Adapting To Change

During turbulent times, it’s imperative to drive your business forward with proven hvac online marketing strategies. From SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) all the way to Pay-Per-Click advertising and beyond, volatile conditions can be counterbalanced with a strong focus on the future. The time to invest in your business is now, and machine learning is by your side. 

With the help of cutting-edge algorithms and AI everything becomes much easier. Innovative ad-bidding methods with automatic budget optimization offer you the unparalleled ability to capitalize on patterns that were previously hidden from sight. What this means is that you can finally seize opportunities to get more conversions and sales from your campaigns for a lower cost. 

How To Leverage Automation During The Coronavirus Crisis

Smart bidding strategies on demand

Auction-time bidding enables machine learning algorithms to spot patterns, repetitions and important data points across millions of data sets that directly relate to your paid ads campaign. When you turn this setting on, it suddenly becomes much easier to find and act upon relevant trends and signals, which ultimately increases the performance of your campaigns and lands more sales in your lap without more effort.

Shorter planning timeframes for better performance

In such a dynamic market environment, it’s wise to plan your advertising campaigns on a weekly basis as opposed to monthly or quarterly. Shorter timeframes help you adapt to constant market shifts, which in turn increases the ultimate value of your marketing dollars as well as the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Optimize, optimize, optimize:

Optimizing your campaigns by leveraging simulations, machine learning and statistical models helps you achieve more. Your Google optimization score gives you access to valuable recommendations tailored to your business, and tells you exactly what needs to be worked on to improve performance.

The ability to quickly adapt during trying times is paramount. From your website all the way to your advertising efforts, harnessing the power of data-driven automation and machine learning to improve your campaigns can help you stand out from the crowd.If you want to learn more, or to take advantage of some of our free tools, reach out to our team today.

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