Jennifer Bagley – Founder and CEO

Jennifer Bagley – Founder and CEO

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Jennifer Bagley Jennifer Bagley is the CEO of CI Web Group, Founder of 12 Step Roadmap and Sales Supply Chain Strategies. She is an international speaker and the host of the Radio Show, Achieve Accelerated Results in Love, Life and Business. She is a thought leader in the digital marketing industry, leading a worldwide company and customer base.

Our Founder Jennifer Bagley is a powerhouse driver with a high D and I personality style. She is a driver and influence and the leader of the ship. She attracts incredible talent and pushes them to be the CEO of their department. She has led large organizations worldwide for Nordstrom, Fossil, Tommy Bahama and more, in addition to her success as a world-wide entrepreneur and speaker international stages, radio shows and TV Shows. She is regularly featured as a woman in leadership.

All that aside, she cares about her customers, her team and her family like no other. She is a passionate speaker with a mobile lifestyle. Driven by the success of others and the freedom that creates for her family and her to travel the world and help more people. She creates an ecosystem of growth, evolution and success, with a focus on total fulfillment for her clients, her team and her family. Her knowledge is sometimes overwhelming but not intimidating. She was given the gift of being left and right brained, analytical and creative, fun and stern.

She attracts people with the desire for success, results and fulfillment running through their veins. Whether creating websites that monetize a business or speaking on stage – she knows how to navigate the world of the busy entrepreneur.

Jennifer is focused on helping YOU achieve greater results faster!

12 Step Roadmap to Accelerated Results by Jennifer Bagley

Jennifer Bagley is also heavily involved in Community Service – Check out Who We Serve

Jennifer is an escort, sponsor and volunteer for the Red Carpet Event Night of Superstars. Night of Superstars is a Ragan’s HOPE event created to be an “Oscar-like” red-carpet charity event that draws numbers of local celebrities, high-profile personalities, media, and hundreds of guests! This celebration is to honor the accomplishments of 20 amazing children, students and young adults in their respective geographical areas who are affected by varying types of disabling conditions, yet reach far beyond their adversities and excel in areas such as academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, the arts, and community service!

Jennifer Bagley Red Carpet Event Night of Superstars