Joseph Vitalis – Content Optimization Strategist

Joseph has been dealing with digital content and conversions for the past five years. He’s worked with many people around the globe on a regular as well as on a freelance basis. At a young age, he held the title of “Head of Content” for an agency in Dubai. Joseph worked with many high profile individuals and dealt with sensitive information – including but not limited to the VP of Emirates Airlines, Microsoft UAE, Sephora, Audi, Nescafe, and many more. Joseph has carried out content work for HVAC contractors, and he’s well aware of the intricacies of the industry.

Joseph is an expert in everything that revolves around digital content and sales generation. From landing pages and web copy, to video explains and YouTube ad scripts – He’s your guy! Joseph is highly proficient in cross-platform digital media strategy, encompassing video, audio, and social media. His skill set offers a unique combination of creativity and a proven track record in management and marketing.

Milwaukee, WI

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