7 Keys to a Top Quality HVAC Website

Before spending hard-earned money on a new website for your HVAC company, there are some key building blocks that every web design needs to have to ensure that the design is a quality site and beneficial for both the customer and the business.

Being aware of these key elements will help you create not only an attractive, appealing website but one that helps turn your technology time into cash. Remember that about 90% of the potential customers who contact you have already looked at you on the “net”. Their first impression of you is made in literally milliseconds, as your homepage opens. Does your homepage reflect the image you have worked so hard to build?

You are converting visitors to customers or losing customers based on those first few milliseconds. As you review your website, use this “essential 7” list to help you evaluate your website.
The essential 7:

  1. Load time—how long does it take for your homepage to load? Surveys show that most visitors will leave a page in 3- 5 seconds. If the page does not load in that amount of time, the potential customer has already moved on to the next business on the search results list.
  2. Responsiveness. This is how your site responds to different types of devices. If your visitor is on a smartphone looking for you, the page he sees should look just like the page he would see on his tablet or desktop. Your site should not have to be “resized” to fit different devices. That should be built into the design.
  3. Easily found on the first page of a search engine inquiry. Everyone wants their business to show up on page one, position one when someone is looking for their services; while each of us when we ask a search engine like Google for information about a service, wants to find what we are looking for in the first 3-5 listings. With SEO service added to your site you can find out what people are looking for and make sure that when they are looking for a service you offer, the search engine will list you at or near the top. This takes some work but a good design company, like CI Web Group, gives you the skill you need.
  4. Simple, Clear, non-cluttered, easy-to-read banners. Make sure your visitor knows in MILLISECONDS why they need to stay on your site and find out more. The internet is visual and people expect to see videos and moving graphics, but not so much that they think they are at a 3-ring circus. Keep it simple and consider load time. Have an interesting eye-catching hook to entice your visitor to stay.
  5. The attractive, well-developed, color scheme clearly brands you. Every page should carry the same branding, font, and focus on your company values. Returning to your home page should be easy and all links should load quickly.
  6. Your contact information including phone number should be prominent and located at top of the page in large type. The higher the better. Placing your contact information in the top right corner of your site is becoming a common standard.
  7. There should be a quick and easy-to-follow “call to action” so that your visitor can know exactly what you want them to do. A simple CRM form is easy to place on each page and then you will have all of the new customer’s information for ease of follow up.

Your business will grow and be able to give higher quality service to new and existing customers if your website has at least the 7 essential elements. You do not want to leave the construction of your website to chance or to amateurs. You want a top-notch HVAC web designer that knows how to help you build your site and knows your business.

CI WEB GROUP has been designing the highest quality SEO Company in Houston TX and web designs for over a decade and is one of the most recommended HVAC marketing company. Their team is creative and skilled to help you build a site that will tout who you are and highlight your services. They will make you look your best. Contact them today for a free consultation.

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