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Is Your Website Drawing in Customers or Driving Them Away?

You have seven seconds to engage your reader when they land on your web page. Seven seconds. Internet users have notoriously short attention spans, so if you want to get their attention, you must do it quickly.

Many websites unwittingly turn away customers and cost their owners money. By avoiding these mistakes and creating a website that will attract HVAC digital marketing business, you will enjoy higher profits and better conversions.

First Impressions

Your website’s home page should contain several elements. First, there should be a masthead at the top that includes your company’s logo, name, and tagline, if you have one. It should also contain contact information in an easy-to-read font.

Your images should be consistent with your business. If you are running a dog-grooming business, your images should be of dogs. Period. Don’t get fancy with pictures of beaches or palm trees. You will just confuse your readers and cause them to go elsewhere.

Navigation bars at the top of the page not only tell the reader where to go but easily describe your products or services at a glance. If you offer pricing on your site, a list that as one of your menu options so readers know they can quickly get a price quote.

Credibility is Key

There are tons of businesses out there that are just like yours, competing for the same customer dollar that you are. What makes you different is your credibility. Is your site clean, well laid out, and easy to navigate? Do you have an “About Us,” page that tells exactly who you are?

Do you have contact information displayed prominently? A Seattle Web design company like CI Web Group can create a website that will allow your customers to feel secure in giving you their business.

When it comes to successfully marketing your business, having the right site is key. Hire the Seattle web design company HVAC marketing company today.

At Ciweb Group Inc, We offer best SEO services for small business at an affordable price. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

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