AMP – Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Implementation

AMP – Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Implementation

2017 is Already Bringing in one of the Biggest Changes in Digital Marketing!

Here’s the big news: Google has just announced that it is bringing AMP pages to all of its global search results. Tens of millions of WordPress sites now have AMP pages, with page load speeds up to 89% faster than normal in some cases. It’s great for your readers and followers, as faster loading times mean they’ll get to your content sooner, even when they’re on the go. We’re excited to have you try it out – get on the list!

More than likely, you’ve heard that the HVAC digital marketing world and Google requirements are constantly changing, yet wish it could be simple and easy. I get it. And trust me, I wish it was. As fast as you implement a marketing strategy, the rules of the game are changing, competition is fiercely evolving, and there are simply more competitors.

Does this mean you should throw in the towel?

Absolutely Not!

Your customers (and prospects) are adapting to new technology trends and buying the newest devices as fast as they come out – meaning you are going to have to meet them where they are. I’m sure you have heard this saying before…

If you are doing the same thing this year as you were last year, you are probably getting the same results,” but in the digital marketing agency (world), it’s a different reality. It’s more like, “If you are doing the same thing this quarter as you were last quarter, you’re probably falling behind.

Why – it’s simple. The world around you is changing, and it’s changing fast!

Here’s what I mean…

As websites compete for real estate on page 1 (for many phrases and locations), engagement, and conversions – websites are becoming more and more complex every day. They have become big, full of content and code, images, and videos – much of which is required for both rankings on Google and converting new visitors to prospects – so you have an opportunity to get in the door and make them your client.

There are 2 Major Problems.

#1 With a high-ranking website, with all the content, bells, and whistles, the sites are slow to load, especially when your prospects are searching mobile devices and wireless hotspots. (pretty common these days)

#2 Fast-loading websites with limited content and engagement tools have a hard time getting ranked on page 1 of Google and if they are in a small enough town with very little competition, your site visitors are being forced to look too hard or too long, and never convert. This is often because of poorly designed websites, missing CTA/calls to action, complex or basic navigation, or businesses that don’t have the content (information) readily available. This requires site visitors to have to make a phone call to get the information they want and need to proceed.

In Both Situations, it’s Likely Your New Prospects will just leave.

All of these images, code, content, widgets, and videos are making websites slower and slower. Even with content delivery networks and high-end servers, site visitors are having to wait for pages to load – especially as they are out and about, doing most of their searches from WIFI or mobile networks.

The world is in a quandary. How do you accomplish a Google-friendly, high-ranking, interactive, mobile, responsive, informational website, without losing prospects to long wait times for pages, widgets, third-party apps, plugins, images, and all the content to load? AMP!

And here we are – The release of the Google AMP Project. Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Instant. Everywhere.

For many, reading on the mobile web is a slow, clunky, and frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open-source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile-optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere, stripping the website of all of the accessories “stuff” and allowing the visitor to just your amazing content.

Here’s the list of platforms that have already adopted the AMP Project.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Step 1

Focus on improving all content on all pages and posts, ASAP. Upgrading to high-quality content must be done before you can consider the next steps. Why? Because your visitors will only see your content. None of the distracting elements will display on a mobile search. Your visitors will have to feel moved, educated, informed, and comfortable just from the text on the page, an image, and maybe a video. Your headers disappear, and your sidebars, footer containers, and more. No distractions, no widgets, reviews, etc. The content has to be perfect. Click here if you are ready to get started – you need some time to have this done in advance of your AMP Implementation.

Step 2

Start planning for the redevelopment of your website to include Accelerated Mobile Pages – we are planning as well. Here’s the initial list of case studies for some major brands that have already completed the development changes and are reporting on the results.

As every good marketing agency should be, here at CI Web Group, Inc., we are heavily recruiting the most experienced resources available for authority content writing (already hired the best team), CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization experts (already hired the best), and AMP integration developers (still recruiting), in addition to evaluating the time and resource investments needed to get the work done. We are going to start a waiting list for those interested and we will be planning on starting these projects for our clients interested in upgrading by January 1, 2017.

If you are interested in being first in line – GET ON THE LIST!

Dedicated to your success!

Jennifer Bagley
CI Web Group, Inc.

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