Advanced SEO Review

Advanced SEO Review: 12 Step Roadmap Continuing Education

So We have Mastered the Basics Of on-page SEO

Advanced SEO Review

  1. Interesting and catchy title as the header 1, with your keywords at the beginning.
  2. Creating a proper focused keyword/phrase for your permalink.
  3. Mentioning your keyword/phrase every 100 words and making that keyword actually a header 2 for your paragraphs.
  4. Backlinking inside your post to other pages on your website and other websites that are relevant.
  5. Optimizing your photos for your focused keyword.
  6. Becoming an expert user of SEO by Yoast.
  7. Creating your focus keywords.
  8. Selecting your SEO Title, with the keywords at the beginning.
  9. Creating your Meta description
  10. Selecting your categories that make sense and add your tags.
  11. Word count is equal to or exceeds 1500 words.
  12. Mentioning the Keyword at the beginning of your copy.
  13. Say what you need to say, but remember your copy needs to be speaking to a 13-year-old if possible.

So, how about a few advanced techniques to think about?

Advanced SEO Review – Indexation and AccessibilityHVAC Website Design by CI Web Group

Even though you have tantalizing killer content writing, a tribe that will follow you anywhere, web traffic from referrals, and social media networks, and other HVAC marketing company. All of this activity and hoopla become stale if the search engines can’t find you. Your website has to be able to be found, crawled, and indexed in the proper file cabinet folder or all of the work doesn’t really matter as far as SEO goes.
So we want you to step out of yourself and look at your site from Google’s view. Put on the google colors if that helps you, go buy some nerd glasses, even get a mac book…..
We want you to walk away understanding what it involves for google to crawl your site, find you in the proper folders, and much more.

screenshot-by-nimbus (25)Step 1: Browse your site like a search engine

Step 2: Do an Audit of your site:

  • Make sure it is crawl-able
  • Submitting a new XML sitemap
  • Putting 301 redirects in place

Next, create a spreadsheet to monitor your progress.

  • Monitor number of pages indexed
  • Monitor cache date
  • Monitor page rank
  • Monitor SEOMOZ Domain Authority
  • Monitor not found errors.

Step 3: Test a New Site Before it Goes Live

Get things pointing correctly and test. If there are any errors, send the site back for a full audit of the faulty section.

Step 4: Fixing any Duplicate Content Errors

Duplicate content errors can be found and corrected using tools like Siteliner.

Step 5: Optimize RSS Feeds.

Step 6: Set up your Video sitemap. This gets your Video Content Noticed, Processed, and Indexed Much Faster by Google and Bing.

Step 7: Google Translates if Applicable for Your Website.

Step 8: Block Malicious Links to Your Site.

Advanced SEO Review – Site Speed and Performance

Advanced SEO Review
Your customers love navigating your site when it loads fast and easy. Site speed is a small ranking factor around 1 %, but the benefits are tremendous for readers reviewing your content and convert easier over the long run. People love to be in control of their experience on your site, slow websites will turn them away faster than anything.
We want you to learn how to measure your site’s speed and performance and discover new ways to improve your measurements for the long term.

Step 1: Track page load in google analytics

Step 2: Find large images that you can reduce the size of

Step 3: Replace Videos with a picture with a play button and link your video to the picture.

Advanced SEO Review – WordPress

Many of the websites today are built on the WordPress back office, which we find most people seem to get started with not many problems. Utilizing the plugin SEO by East has been a great tool for teaching new bloggers the beginning steps to proper on page SEO.
Secure your WordPress:

  • Change your file permissions.
  • Make your wordpress commenting replys links “No Follow”.
  • Add a plugin called smartlinks.

Advanced SEO Review – Advanced Data Research

The cool thing about SEO services is you get to play Mission Impossible or more like Possible? We educate for success. 🙂 SEO allows you to play detective by learning how to cull the right information from google to benefit your website’s rank and traffic. We will go over a few of those ways that will allow you to become more effective in future training.

  1. Finding good linking opportunities.
  2. Advanced listening to Twitter – more on this topic at a later date.

Advanced SEO Review – Keyword Research

Advanced SEO ReviewFor those of you that are Adwords junkies we are going to steer your focus to some new research techniques and tools.

  1. Check out BING keyword research tool.
  2. Use Google Correlate
  3. Check your ideas by location

Advanced SEO Review – Link Building with Content

We will go over viable ways to develop content that is easy to link and that brings real value to your readers. You do want to find your cheerleaders and folks that want to promote you to the moon and back. We will take you past the Penguin and Panda updates to solutions that steer you clear from the old black hat methods like email blasts etc.

Advanced SEO Review – Link Building Techniques

Advanced SEO Review
Learn some ways you can begin building links to your content now. Get the right eyes on your content and employ some awesome solutions to get in front of your audience.

  1. Create a top list and get links.
  2. Title, this turns into the title tag of the webpage. Author, this will label the document with the author, and PDFs will often get grouped by author Subject this is often used by Google as the description in the SERPs. This may also be influenced by the first few sentences in your document. Keywords use 5-10 keywords here.
  3. Link build with images
  4. Submit to sites with followed links
  5. Capturing links from brand mentions
  6. Bookmark all mentions to the delicious social media sites.
  7. Fix broken links
  8. New ways with your Twitter profile
  9. Recovering lost links
  10. Scalable Outreach

Advanced SEO Review – Search Verticals

SEO strategies
You might conquer the rankings in universal search for your article, post or product. But what about a photo? What about mobile and local search? Here I give you some techniques for optimizing search verticals to perform even better on the web.

  • Mobile-Friendly sites
  • Optimizing online slideshows
  • Drive traffic to your website with Youtube
  • Local search techniques
  • Installing the Facebook open graph
  • Create click to tweets
  • Detecting if users are logged into social networks
  • Installing of your google badge.
    • Advanced SEO ReviewSet up your google profile
    • Get your badge:
    • Link back to your website from your Google profile. Set up as contributor.
    • Entity Search, new but will be a big deal soon. It is all about connecting people with places and things.
    • Implied Site Search:
    • Natural language search
    • Adding your website to Entity based sources.

Get to a Page 1 Position 1 – 3 Rank and then Design Custom Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

Measure your Results

Continue to Invest in Improvements

Summary of Past 10 SEO Trainings

  1. Website Design Basics
  2. How to Write More Content – Faster
  3. Niche SEO Ideas – Improve content for faster Results
  4. Website Design Requirements to Improve Performance
  5. Blog Post Quality Review Tool – Improve Content for Better Search
  6. Organic SEO vs PPC
  7. Landing Page Strategies to Increase Conversions
  8. Link Building Strategies to Improve SEO
  9. Link Building Referral Partnerships to Improve Ranking

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