Press Release: Social Media Delivered Partners With CI Web Group Team

Social Media Delivered

Dallas Texas October 22, 2014 Press Release. Social Media Delivered partners with CI Web Group.

CI Web Group is excited to announce an exciting new partner joining the team. Social Media Delivered, headed up by CEO, Eve Mayer, and President Shannon Streater. The staff is an amazing group of professionals that take care of their clients way past the finish line.

Established in 2008, Social Media Delivered is one of the most respected social media companies around. They like to call themselves the grandmothers of social media because they’ve been focused on social media since the very beginning. Their success comes from the fact that they are a communications company leveraging social media tools to get business done using proven strategies. The staff is well-rounded, including client managers, marketers, radio professionals, journalists, writers, videographers, graphic designers, creative thinkers, doers, actors, and webmasters.

They offer consulting, training, and fully managed social media services for organizations. While leveraging the power of LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and more to bring the right people together to help their clients achieve their business goals. They can do it all in English, Spanish and French. Social Media Delivered takes pride in offering social media services to their clients based on proven methodologies, including the CEO’s Social Media Business Equation. They know it works because they use it themselves. Plus, they have experience across many industries, including hospitality, HVAC internet marketing, finance, food service, business services, entertainment, technology, recruiting, legal, non-profit, medical, and more.

Eve Mayer

Eve Mayer


Shannon Streator

Shannon Streater


This is a match made in Heaven! Since we launched CI Web Group in 2006, we have solidified partnerships with less than half-dozen companies, as our standards are HIGH. Our existing partnerships include the likes of Tony Jeary, coach to the worlds best CEO’s and High Achievers, Tammy Kling Coach to the Coaches, Celebrities, CEO’s and Athletes and a hand full of others. The Social Media Delivered team fits the mold of what we believe is an ideal partnership. I’m so excited!
Jennifer Bagley

Eve Mayer and Jennifer Bagley
Eve Mayer and Jennifer Bagley

Milwaukee, WI

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