Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Workshop in Houston, TX

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Workshop in Houston, TX

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Workshop in Houston, TX - CI Web Group

Workshop Alert!

Attention Houston area HVAC dealers! We will be having a 2 day workshop on April 12th and 13th in the Daikin Comfort location at 7330 Langfield Rd, Houston, TX 77092. Join us as we dive into topics like budgeting, marketing, advertising, and branding, all in one comprehensive workshop.

When you attend, please make sure to be ready to work on your business’ digital assets! This class is for HVAC businesses that are ready for tactical growth methods that build their digital infrastructure. During these two days, we will be doing full overviews of all of your digital assets from your website to your online profiles. 

Be Prepared:

The online space is HUGE and there is an incredible amount of data that must be analyzed when building a marketing strategy. If you can come to the class with access to your Google Business Profile, social media accounts, website, current reporting, Ads accounts, and field management system, we’ll be able to have a much more custom approach to your coaching. Know what your current marketing and advertising efforts are: SEO, content curation, social media, Google Ads, Local Services Ads, Yelp, billboard/TV/radio, email / SMS campaigns, mailers, etc. These will help us guide you!

Know Your Goals:

Whether it’s a percentage of growth or a real dollar amount of revenue that you’d like to reach, these goals are incredibly important to have on hand when discussing your growth strategy and marketplace. In this two day session, we’ll go over:

  • How Google Works
  • How Consumers Search
  • How Websites Work
  • Budgeting
  • Market Forecasts
  • Organic Marketing: SEO/Content
  • Social Media
  • Local Listings
  • Review Acquisition
  • Paid Advertising
  • Branding
  • and More!

There is a lot of information to cover, so show up, suit up, and participate!

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