We Scan Files Case Study

We Scan Files is a document scanning company based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that specializes in document scanning and file management for lawyers, medical offices, entreprises, and local governments. The company today delivers creative and cutting edge solutions by bringing to the table affordable technology, document management and business solutions that yield significant ROI. As you can imagine, things didn’t quite start off like that. Blake Crenshaw, owner and beloved client, was having a hard time leveraging the power of digital marketing for his business.


Business Services


Search Engine Optimization
and Pay-Per-Click


12805 Harmon Rd Suite 215,
Fort Worth, TX 76177


  • Branding, Web & Tech
  • Content
  • Conversion Systems
  • Local Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Paid Traffic


increase in leads


increase in organic and
paid traffic**


visibility for
HVAC terms

*Comparing organic website performance from May, 2017 – January, 2020
**Looking at organic keyword visibility for document scanning / file management key phrases
+ Forth Worth, TX and surrounding areas

The Outcome


Projected Increase In Sales Volume (1 Year)


Increase In Monthly
Visibility (Paid Traffic)


Increase In Organic
and Paid Traffic**


Stable Monthly

Back in 2017, Blake Crenshaw, owner and CEO at We Scan Files was facing a serious business issue. The company’s website wasn’t getting any traction, while their competitors were slowly conquering the digital landscape. It wasn’t ranking on any search engines and it was evident that it would never help Blake grow his company. The client was in the business of creating significant business returns by scanning, digitizing and organizing chaotic filing systems on behalf of doctors, government bodies, lawyers as well as other enterprises. Blake has been with us for 3 years now, but our campaigns were fruitful since month 6 and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

We thoroughly examined their local competition, as well as some big national players in their industry. Document scanning and filing was starting to become a very competitive space, so we decided to act fast. We had to change the user experience of the site in order to reflect the quality of the work done by Blake and his team, and we needed to instill trust in a more effective way to all prospects.

Context & Challenge

We Scan Files’ work was so good that word of mouth was working satisfactorily, but for most common keywords related to their business, the company was only appearing on the 6th page of search results. We dove deep to discover the data that would eventually lead us to form a cohesive strategy to guarantee results. Our research revealed several areas that deserved our attention, and it was based almost exclusively on their number 1 competitor’s strategy to date. We had to outrank them in order to get the biggest market share in the local area. We had to create a custom website that not only reflected what the brand was about, but also a website that was capable of converting attention to business day in and day out.

The first part of the challenge revolved around setting SMART goals and KPIs. What gets measured gets accomplished, and that’s the reason why we started off there. The overarching goal was to grow the company’s customer base, and as a result we had to determine what metrics were important in the process. We redesigned their website using the latest best practices, and we wrote and transferred a lot of content on their keywords. Their Search Engine Optimization rankings slowly started to increase, and we were finally able to showcase all their past work along with valuable testimonials. When we started getting stable SEO results each and every month, we turned our attention to paid traffic sources, namely Google and Facebook


By combining a robust, high-converting website with the latest best practices in digital lead generation, search engine optimization and paid traffic, we managed to outrank We Scan Files’ competition in a matter of 7 months. Blake couldn’t be happier since he was seeing a return on his marketing dollars.

fine Print

Our company has been helping customers with different projects for many years. With this experience, we are proud to be the chosen digital marketing agency for Goodman, Mitsubishi, Amana, Daikin, and many more distributors.

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