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CI Web Group is a leader in internet marketing, digital marketing, business strategy, seo, web design, web development, search engine optimization, website conversion, social media marketing, CRM and internet marketing services, technology and training. Our clients appreciate our dedication to providing digital marketing training, effective web development, search engine optimization strategies and comprehensive internet marketing implementation strategies. All our timelines, prices, project plans and services are posted throughout the website.

Our Dallas based Internet Marketing company believes in providing our clients with all of the information and knowledge they need to make informed decisions with 110% comfort in knowing exactly what they will receive and when they will receive it. This is accomplished through advanced project management technology and systems, coupled with our certified project managers, developers, engineers and strategy team.

The CI Web Group leadership team has over 40 years combined experience in Business Strategy, Supply Chain Strategy, Sales, Technology and Digital Marketing. This experiences allows us to bring a more comprehensive solution to businesses interested in accelerating their results utilizing digital media marketing.

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Mobile Devices Account for 14% of Global Web Traffic

It’s time to upgrade to a Responsive Web Design

The ever-growing adoption of smartphones and tablets has led to a surge in mobile web usage over the past few years. Thus far in 2013, mobile devices accounted for 14 percent of global page views, up from just 3 percent in 2010.  As people spend more and more time with smartphones and tablets, we can expect the share of mobile web traffic to further increase through the next few years, even though people spend a lot of their smartphone online time with dedicated apps.

For marketers, it is impossible to ignore the fact that mobile is the future.

Services such as Facebook are experiencing a strong shift towards mobile use, and advertising dollars are likely going to follow. CI Web Group cares about making sure your website is a Responsive Website Design that will allow you to take advantage of these mobile visitors.


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