Will the ad work?

Will the ad work

Will The Ad Work?

Regardless of how familiar you are with social media ads, this is a reasonable question. Fortunately, there’s a short, easy answer: yes, Facebook advertising works incredibly well.


Facebook advertising does this by allowing you to target specific audiences that are likely to be interested in your products and services by leveraging the immense wealth of data Facebook has about its users. For instance, as an HVAC contractor, your users are typically people who are interested in a new HVAC system, tune-up, or similar.

Once you decide on getting started with Facebook Ads, we’ll identify your campaign objective, which is what you want your Facebook ads to actually accomplish. This might be driving traffic to your website, encouraging visitors to download your app, generating leads, or increasing sales.

After we’ve identified your campaign objective, we’ll then tell Facebook to whom your ads should be displayed. This is done by what is known as audience segmentation: the process of providing Facebook with a profile of your ideal audience so your ads only go to people who exhibit the behaviors and belong to the demographics you’re interested in.

Facebook has thousands of custom audience parameters, allowing you to create amazingly refined audience segments for your campaigns. We can also create custom audiences by uploading data on existing customers that you already have, and this enables Facebook to create “lookalike” audiences based on the parameters that we choose.

Next, we’ll create the ads you want to run. Facebook ads are highly visual and align with the ways in which people use Facebook, particularly on mobile devices. There are definitely no tiny, text-based ads here. Finally, we’ll use data and analytics to evaluate the performance of your Facebook Ads, allowing us to make changes to improve everything from impression share to click-through rate, just as you would in a paid search campaign.

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