Why Every Local Services Website Needs Marketing

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Why Every Local Services Website Needs Marketing

The digital marketing game has evolved for a local services website. What brings customers to a local services website includes sponsored links, ads, or organic search results. When a person Googles a plumber or electrician, the search engine pulls up websites with specific keywords- such as “Houston plumbers” or “Indianapolis AC repair companies.” Thus, optimizing your website to suit SEO standards is necessary, apart from setting up local listings.

Paid Advertising Generates Traffic

Pay-per-click ads will help you generate even more traffic, as the path from potential customers to your website is uncluttered by non-paid pages or frauds. It’s a great way to enhance your credibility and polish your brand image.

In the local services industry, you can also generate leads using Pay Per Lead strategies!

CI Web Group realizes the urgency of upping your local services’ marketing game so you can be an option for your customers where they are searching for services. Google.

Search Engine Optimization

While paid advertising allows you to pay to get business, SEO companies (search engine optimization) gives you the ability to organically rank and be found on search engines. The way search engines work is by ranking websites that are targeting phrases by how likely it’s bots think a real human will find that to be the best result. That’s why we always harp on bounce rates and times on the page. If the average time on the page is just 30 seconds, Google will not be as likely to recommend your website to its users.

How Can You Increase Visitor Time?

By making a website interactive, have relevant content, as well as have a great website design, you’ll drive up the time on the site. We also encourage lots of team photos, videos, and before and after job photos. Why? Because hvac digital marketing websites often look like cookie-cutter replicas – they taste like chicken. Putting great team photos out there ensures that you stand apart from the rest. Get cleaned up, wear team shirts, and snap some great pictures for us to use!

Reduce the Bounce Rate

Content writing reduces bounce rate. A “bounce” is anytime a website visitor leaves your website without interacting with your website. They chose not to call, go to another page, or click on any buttons. Have quality content throughout your website will reduce the bounces happening.

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