What Is Your Process For Running Facebook Ads?

What Is Your Process For Running Facebook Ads?

What Is Your Process For Running Facebook Ads?

What Is Your Process For Running Facebook Ads?

Step 1: Setting Up the Ad Account

If you don’t have a Facebook Ads account already, we will help you set it up. We make sure that you are the owner of the ads account. Because we charge a flat management fee, your ad budget spending will be transparent. We will help you add your credit card to the ads account and show you how to set the monthly spending limit. This way, you can see and control where your dollars are spent.

Step 2: Identifying Your Objectives

Once you have your Facebook Ads account set up, you’ll need to identify your business needs for the month. Based on your business needs, we will create an ad strategy and design your ad campaign for the month. You can run multiple campaigns with different ad objectives simultaneously depending on the strategy. Facebook Ads have the following objectives and you can select any one objective for each campaign.

  • Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Leads
  • App Promotion
  • Sales

Step 3: Getting the Promotion Content Ready

Our team will draft up all the design ad creatives for the month. An ad creative can be a graphic or a video, depending on your budget and strategy. After an internal peer review, we will send you the ad creatives for review/approval.

Step 4: Setting Up the Target Audience

We will consider your audience and narrow down who you want to target for your ad campaigns. There are different ways in which we can select a specific target audience:

  • Location, demography, and interest-based audience
  • Look-a-like audience
  • Retargeting your website visitors

Step 5: Launch Ad Campaign

We now have all the resources we need to run and schedule your monthly ad campaign. Based on the monthly ad budget limit and ad strategy, we will allocate varying budgets to each of your campaigns, if there is more than one for the month.

Step 6: Optimize the Ad Campaign

We monitor the results every day and make adjustments to the creatives, audience, or budget to optimize the return on ad spending. Sometimes making a small change in the campaign makes a big difference in the results.

Phase 6: Monthly Report

When your ad campaign is complete, we will analyze the ad performance. We provide you with a monthly ad report which includes the major statistics from Facebook Ads and our interpretation of the numbers. This serves as a significant reference point for future campaigns.

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