What Is the Difference Between SMM And SMO?

What Is the Difference Between SMM And SMO?

One of the greatest errors that marketers all over the globe do is not knowing the mechanics of marketing before taking the real leap? SEO, being extremely widespread in the internet marketing circles, helps specialists to avoid getting caught on the wrong foot. 

But, in the realm of Social Media marketing, no more than around 40 percent of marketers reach their full potential in the proper method, the reason being their lack of expertise and awareness. 

Only a handful of top digital marketing agencies are able to utilize the full potential of SMM and SMO. For example, how many of you know the distinction between SMO and SMM? Yes, both of these are connected to Social Media and social sharing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, you name it! But what is the difference? 

You will be startled to hear that both these concepts are classified under Social Media Promotion, yet are fundamentally distinct and have different implications. Continue reading to learn more about these digital marketing services that have transformed the internet marketing sector.

Social Media Optimization 

SMO and SMM are the two key techniques included in a normal social media campaign. Both exhibit different ways SEO companies handle social media marketing. There are numerous distinctions between SMM and SMO, but the ultimate purpose of both is to promote and grow participation on social media.

By definition, SMO is the process of making a platform such as a website or a blog fit to be shared on prime social media networks. A frequent example of SMO is the appearance of social media sharing buttons underneath each given piece of content. The purpose is to make it easy for a reader to share the content on any given social media platform.

SMO is vital since it facilitates social media sharing for each user visiting a website and is hence used by various SEO companies. SMO may be used to greatly boost social media sharing by offering intuitive sharing tools such as adding in-text sharing choices, adding tweetable URLs for particular phrases, and permitting free use of infographics.

Social Media Marketing 

SMM, on the other hand, comes after SMO. After you’ve optimized your website, it’s time to share and promote it on social media so that people can learn about your company, its products, and services and express interest in them. It takes on a more active role by referring to the development and dissemination of content and other messages through the social web via digital marketing services

Examples are advertisements, blogs, photos, and videos describing your services and goods. SMM includes activities such as developing persuasive material that is bookmarked and propagating a viral video by posting it on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Participating in online forums to have direct engagement with your clients, for example, is a functional aspect of SMM and is utilized by top digital marketing agencies.


The distinction between the two is that SMO relates to on-page changes on your website, while SMM refers to actions outside of your website. In a nutshell, SMO may be thought of as a means to persuade visitors to your website to engage in SMM activities.

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