Thriving in the New Normal Week-8

Thriving in the New Normal Week-8

Thriving in the New Normal | HVAC Dealer Training Series
Thriving in the New Normal | HVAC Dealer Training Series

Demand Service

Goodman’s Dealer First philosophy has never been more critical than it is right now. We are committed to providing your business with the support and value it needs to maintain your small business goals.

Please join us on Friday, May 15th, at 12:00 PM CST for the 9th in our 16-week series, How to Thrive in the New Normal. 


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In session nine, Demand Service, you will learn how to leverage demand service and grow opportunities during both high and low demand cycles to help drive year-round business, no matter what disruptions in business, the economy or weather throws your way.  

Looking at the HVAC Engine through the eyes of demand service

engine: en˖gine /enjen/ – the original sense was ‘ingenuity, cunning,’ hence ‘the product of ingenuity,’ also ‘tool.’ 

The HVAC engine is a tool for growing a sustainable business and then shaping your business to your mission and vision of success. You will learn the specific components of this engine, how they interrelate with one another, and their associated KPIs.   

Demand Service feeds, maintenance agreements and replacement sales, maintenance agreements feed, demand service, performance tune-ups, IAQ and demand service and replacement sales feed IAQ and tune-ups.  Everything in the HVAC engine feeds off one another.  

Marketing Plan – Maintaining Authenticity as a Service Technician

The secret to being a great service tech is being an authentic service tech and not being a sales person in disguise.  But how does a service tech maintain their integrity when they are being asked to do things like maintain a certain revenue per time ticket hour, call turn over, IAQ and accessory sales and maintenance agreement conversion and renewal rates.  Learn how maintain these rates can actually help you maintain your authenticity as a Service Technician.  

The Sales Lab

Customer Reaches out – Being an Option

When your customer has a problem where do they go?  Are you an option when they go there, and do you look good when they find you?  These are all good questions and if the answer is “no” how do you become the option for more of the customers that you want to be in front of?  Learn what it takes to be an option and look good when your customers have a problem that they want solved.  

CI Web Group Inc.

Appointment Made – Virtual Call Turn Over

How do you maintain the trust of your customer as a service technician when handing the call over to a sales professional that can help provide the right solutions for your customer.  Learn how technology today can help with call conversion and help you maintain that trust relationship with your customer.  

Power Selling Pros

Problem Identification – 5 critical questions that deserve an answer on every service call

As a professional HVAC SEO services technician what are your minimum performance standards.  What information is crucial on every call?  We will explore what it means to be a service technician and help you establish your own critical questions that should be answered on every single service call that you run.  

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Problem Solution – Prioritizing Solutions to demand

You have a finite production capacity and how you prioritize work has a dramatic impact on you overall production and profitability.  Learn what must be considered during the High demand, low demand, upswing and down swing months and how you can maximize your overall production capacity year round using the HVAC business engine.  

Pro Comfort Advisor

Compensated for Services – Credit Card and Reoccurring Payment Processing

What are the best strategies for processing credit cards in the field and how do you set up reoccurring monthly payments and manage them?  Learn what solutions are available and which of them might be the best fit for you.  

EGIA Financing Clearing House

Customer for Life – Customer Retention

Once organizations acquire customers, they then need to worry about keeping them.  Customer retention rates, or the percentage of customers who stay with a company in a given period provide one measure of customer satisfaction or loyalty.  You need to learn why your customers are leaving you, how you can detect these customers before they leave, and put in place reasons for them to stay.   

Embrace Technology

Now is the time to identify the process for every transaction within your business! Use technology to help increase your business’s overall efficiency. What manual process does your company utilize that could be automated?  Review your current business operation methods and identify those that can be improved with technology.   

  • Thank and Encourage your People

Your staff is one of your most valuable assets. They may have concerns, need reassurances, and want to know how they can help. They need to hear from you. Even in these unprecedented times, find ways for employees to enjoy their workplace and take time to recognize extraordinary efforts.

Be sure to join us on Friday, May 15th, at 12:00 PM CST for the 9th  in our 16-week series, How to Thrive in the New Normal.

This event is hosted by the Goodman Business Toolbox, Amana Brand Business Academy, and Franklin HVAC University.


Benjamin Middleton

National Sales Training Manager

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