Thriving in the New Normal Week 3

Thriving in the New Normal | HVAC Dealer Training Series
Thriving in the New Normal | HVAC Dealer Training Series

Maintaining Small Business Goals

Goodman’s Dealer First philosophy has never been more critical than it is right now. We are
committed to providing your business with the support and value it needs to maintain your small
business goals.
Please join us on Friday, April 3rd at 12:00 PM CST for our 3 rd of our 16-week series, How to
Thrive in the New Normal.

You can view all Thriving in the New Normal broadcasts at, or Select Dealer >Training Resources and look for the Thriving in the New Normal logo.

During session 1, we covered the importance of developing a plan &  Leadership

In session 2, we covered the tools and resources available to you to help you thrive in a new
normal by going virtual.

In session 3, it’s all about people! This is not a weather driven business, a comfort business or
about furnaces and air conditioners. It is all about people, it is about the people in your
organization connecting with people in your community in order to help one another out. When
you help enough people get what they are looking for, you will ultimately receive everything and
more of what you are looking for.

1. Customer for Life – Recruiting and Retaining Your Best

Before the world changed you have heard there’s a talent shortage! You heard it from almost
everyone you talked to in the HVAC industry. The only thing worse than not being able to hire
people is when you pair it with the inability to keep the employees that you have.

The world has changed! Simply put, your business needs a finely tuned talent engine to survive
and thrive in the future.

  • Clearly define our business differentiation strategy
  • Identify the people that we will need to execute it
  • Change our paradigm about employees
  • Create a plan of attack for how to dramatically reduce future turnover

Hire Dimension

2. Marketing Plan – Transactional Vs. Experiential

Transactional benefits let your customers feel smart, where experiential benefits let them feel
special. Both have an emotional impact.

In the 1950s, marketers used to tell people how they should feel about a brand. Today, that brand
promise is the experience. Often, the experience precedes the messaging. A loyalty program that
combines experiential and transactional elements gives consumers a greater stake in the brand.

The balance between transactional and emotional benefits helps a brand attract and retain more

Material benefits are certainly important to customers, but they also want to receive special
treatment. Since the power has shifted from marketers to consumers, listening to and
understanding your customers is the most important thing a brand can do to develop true and
lasting loyalty.

In today’s loyalty landscape, if you don’t show your customers that you value them, they will look
elsewhere. It’s that simple. Combining transactional benefits and experiential benefits is the best
way to engage the most consumers with your brand.
There isn’t a choice anymore. You must do both.

HVAC Sales Lab

3. Customer Reaches Out – Meet People where They are!

Our lives have changed so quickly in the past few months. As people’s behaviors change,
businesses who wish to Thrive in the New Normal must also evolve, and quickly.  It might not feel
like it, but you are more well-positioned than you think, to shift quickly with immediate adoption of
existing solutions.

What most companies don’t realize is a vast majority of consumers already are
craving for hvac marketing company to offer the technology and service solutions. In fact, they are already
spoiled by them in almost every other industry. This pandemic is the push the HVAC industry
needed to adopt more current technology and processes.  During this session, we will review the
solutions you can implement today to adjust to the challenges brought on by the pandemic and
weather the storm. During this session, we will review “bolt-on solutions” to make you more
relevant, right now.

  •  Repair it! Repair and Service – Online Scheduling of Paid Virtual Meetings
  • Replace it! Consultations with Equipment Specialist – Online Scheduling of Virtual Meeting
  • Maintain it! Auto-ship Filters and Maintenance Plan Sales Online
  • Save it! Financing, SEER calculator, Promotions

CI Web Group Inc.

4. Appointment Made – Emotional Needs

What happens when my needs surpass the needs of those around me? As the world navigates
the chaos, your call handling team is quickly becoming your most powerful asset to keeping your
crews busy! Learn how to engage your call center agents to WOW More Customers. Come and
learn how to reassure your customers, customize your build value statement, offer additional
services, and make outbound “Happy” calls to create new revenue streams–all while having a
positively contagious attitude.

Power Selling Pros

5. Problem Identified – Sharpening the Ax

Suppose you were to come upon someone in the woods working feverishly to chopping down a
tree. “What are you doing?” you ask. “Can’t you see?” come the impatient reply. “I’m cutting
down this tree.” “You look exhausted!” you exclaim. “How long have you been at it?” Over five
hours,” he returns, “and I’m beat! This is hard work.” “Well, why don’t you take a break for a few
minutes and sharpen that ax?” you inquire. “I’m sure it would go a lot faster.” “I don’t have time to
sharpen the ax.” The man says empathetically. “I’m too busy!”

National Comfort Institute (NCI) – Free Trial Membership

6. Problem Solution – The Sales Process

Our delivery of the sales process must shift to align with the way people want to buy. Even though
the principles stay the same our delivery must shift towards a virtual format.
In this installment, you will experience how to show and tell your customer what they need to see
and hear in order to buy from you in a virtual environment and have access to a presentation tool
free to use with your virtual presentations.

Pro Comfort Advisor

7. Compensated for Services – Making it Affordable

With all of the financial uncertainty how do you make the solutions that your customers are looking
for affordable? If you are not offering financing on every call you are missing opportunities and
forcing your customers to make difficult decisions today that they are not prepared to make. Stop
forcing your customers into uncomfortable financial decisions and start offering solutions that will
help them sleep better at night.

  • Offer financing without ever stepping foot into your customers home
  • 6% rebate on select plans from Greensky, Enerbank and Mosaic
  • Streamlined process for getting signed up with the best solution for your business

EGIA Financing Clearing House

8. Embrace Technology

Use technology to help increase your business’s overall efficiency. What manual process does
your company utilize that could be automated?

Now is the time to identify the process for every transaction within your business! Review your
current business operation methods and identify those that can be improved with technology.

9. Thank and Encourage Your People

Your staff is one of your most valuable assets. They may have concerns, need reassurances, and
want to know how they can help. They need to hear from you. Communicate. Even in these
unprecedented times, find ways for employees to enjoy their workplace and take time to recognize
extraordinary efforts.

Be sure to join us on Friday, March 27 th at 12:00 PM CST for our 2nd of our 16-week series, How to
Thrive in the New Normal.

This event is hosted by the Goodman Business Toolbox, Amana Brand Business Academy, and
Franklin HVAC University.


Benjamin Middleton
National Sales Training Manager

Milwaukee, WI

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