The 5 Essentials Every HVAC Web Site Needs

The 5 Essentials Every HVAC Web Site Needs

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business and it is marketing that makes the cash register ring. So, what techniques work best for HVAC companies? Where are advertisement/ digital marketing dollars better spent? Leading marketing analysis all agree that a web presence is the # 1 thing every HVAC company needs. Surveys clearly show that most buying decisions (over 96%) are made through an internet search, more specifically from a smartphone. Not having a web presence means you are missing 96% of the people who are looking for you.
Your web presence represents you, your team and your company values, so it is essential that you make a good first impression when a visitor opens your home page. What does your home page say about you? Are you saying what you want your customers to hear? Think of your home page and see how many of these 5 essential things are correctly reflected there.

  • Helpful informative content
    • Detailed blogs that give the reader current and usable information, not just a sales pitch.
    • Informative images that add knowledge and understanding.
    • Instructive videos
    • Language that is not too technical to understand
  • Prominent Contact Information
    • Clear and easy “calls to action”
    • “Contact US” tabs
    • Telephone numbers and websites URL in upper right corner of page with hyperlink
  • Online Scheduling
    • Most customers want to be able to easily schedule repairs or maintenance
    • Get an estimate
    • They do not want to have to wait forever in a phone queue
  • Clean, professional design
    • Crisp, clean banners
    • Consistent color scheme and fonts
    • Avoid too many flashy things that slow down load time
  • Mobile Capabilities

With more people using their smartphones to search for businesses, it is essential to have a web presence that converts easily to a phone or tablet image. This is called responsiveness and allows you to get on the info superhighway with your customers.

Using these five points, how does your current website measure up? Are you leveraging technology to help you earn money? If you’re not pleased with your current website or you are not seeing the return on your technology marketing dollars, CI Web Group can help. We have over 10 years’ experience helping HVAC companies build a web presence that leverages technology, turning it into cash. We know HVAC and we know about internet marketing. Together we can build an impressive professional web site that protects your company’s values and strengths. In addition, our team of analysts can help you optimize the number of customers that visit your site allowing you to convert visitors into customers.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our expert HVAC web site design team. We have content writers to help you write a strong, helpful content; search engine optimization specialist to help you make data-driven decisions that will drive customers to your site; social media developers; video developers to help you capture informative instructional videos;, and creative geniuses to develop top quality award-winning sites. It’s easy and free to find out how exceptional web presence can fit into your budget. Click here

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