Its a new vision of what a marketing company should look like


@Jennifer Bagley (DNC) @Kathy Marshall (Customer Service & Training)
I just want to share how impressed and thankful I am for CI web group, I don’t know if ALL your customers really see what you people are providing. It is a new vision of what a marketing company should look like, hands down.
Instead of all this SEO stuff being a secret and terminology clothed in mystery, everything is on the table and I can focus on growing my team, which is my vision.
To have someone stay connected to a customer throughout the whole relationship process is a smart move, not to mention knowledge and true professionals who are excellent in their field doing it.
The company culture is perfect, the work is awesome, the results just follow.
I LOVE IT, all those other companies thought I was hard to work with, I just knew something they didn’t. LOL

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