Michael Hicklen oversees our global operations, juggling business needs as fast as they come in. Like rounds of ammo headed your way, this 25 year Army soldier brings a silent strength to our company and to our CEO. Having served in 3 different wars overseas, he is a protector, with a careful eye watching over the operations of our organization, the direction of the industry and our competition. His natural position is to be a scout, protector, and organizer. As the fiance of Jennifer, he provides this sometimes scattered CEO with the infrastructure to stay grounded, the push to grow further and is constantly feeding her with industry news, client feedback, and slick tools that accelerate us and our client’s results. There is not a department this leader does not cross into each and every day. The rock. Michael has worked on projects for companies such as Fossil, Dr. Pepper/7Up, Coca-Cola and the US Army.

A visionary in the company. Strong, resilient, a real go getter!

This 25 yr veteran of the United States Armed Services, EVP of Operations at CI Web Group, keeps this business running smooth and efficient. There is nothing he can do or won’t do for this company.

Whether it’s speaking to client’s about their website design, researching the latest and greatest news about Google, Facebook or just the plain news, Michael is always ready for change and to take the company to greater heights.