Jennifer Bagley - CI Web Group Web Design and Digital Marketing

Jennifer Bagley is the CEO of CI Web Group, Founder of 12 Step Roadmap, Virtual Dealer Meetings, HVAC-LMS, HVAC Marketing Websites, HVAC Chatbots, My Social Media Graphics and more.  She is a thought leader in the digital marketing industry, leading a world wide company and customer base.

Our Founder, Jennifer Bagley is a powerhouse driver with a high D and I personality style. She is a driver and influencer and the leader of the ship. She attracts incredible talent and pushes them to be the CEO of their department. 

Her journey here has been an interesting one.

From 20 – 26 years of age, Jennifer became one of the global leaders of Supply Chain Management, leading companies such as Nordstrom, Fossil, Tommy Bahama through the Supply Chain optimization process. She participated and spoke at industry conference around the globe making extremely good money and living “the life everyone expected”.

At 27, as a single mom, she reached the top within her industry and couldn’t ignore the entrepreneur calling inside. She quit. She quit the stable pay check, stock options, health care and security of having a very good JOB. “The calling” was strong…

This resulted in some hard times as she ran out of money, cashed in her stock and retirement, sold big assets and eventually had to move into her office with her son for almost a year while she built the business. His bedroom was the conference room. She studied, fought and remained determined regardless of every setback. She had one mission – and had no clue what it was, but she knew she wanted the freedom to choose. This became her guiding light, “I Don’t Know, but I Want the FREEDOM to Choose”!

Over time she started, built and sold multiple companies. Compliments International, LLC – “The Compliments Card” which was sold in Costco and leveraged by some of the largest auto leasing companies with over 2500 participating businesses and over 100,000 members. Business Blitz a strategic networking organization with an online referral system that was later acquired by BNI. And Polaris Financial Services a mortgage brokerage that complemented Special Agents Realty, started and currently managed by Broker Owner, Linda Bagley in Seattle Washington.  Jennifer has developed and and pitched software concepts and platforms to venture capitol, angel investors and technology investors resulting in the IP sale. She spent time helping consult with a large CRM/ERP company out of Dallas, which was fun having implemented some of the largest ERP’s while in the corporate world.

With each of these ventures she became more and more talented at launching, structuring and effectively marketing any business. She started getting many requests for consulting, strategy and marketing services from entrepreneurs across the nation and abroad. 

In order to start getting compensated for her time she incorporated “Sales Supply Chain Consulting”.

Over time she had so many consulting clients, she had sold every hour of her time. This was a problem, a great problem, but, a problem.

Here is the dilemma!

One, her motto is “freedom to choose” and she just sold all her hours to high paying consulting contracts. 

Two, her own team was working on the website and marketing “on the side” for all these other companies.  Technically, the CI web group was an internal department that did marketing for all of her owner companies, and eventually other partners, clients, companies and colleagues started requesting our team to help them with their business.

CI web group started to be referred to as a company, not an internal team within her other business Compliments International, LLC. 

Upon her realization of these conflicts, she closed the consulting agency and CI Web Group was incorporated, taking center stage. It required her undivided attention to form the perfect business model, supply chain, client base and team to run the business.  Along the way, she recruited some die hard CI Web team members to help, Kathy Marshall, Scott Smith, Mike Hicklen, Lorenzo Pearson, Kim Marshall, Jazmin and eventually her son and his friends.

CI Web Group, Inc. was technically the only business that was an accident.. birthed out of talent,  philanthropy, and word-of-mouth.

As a talented entrepreneur and world-wide speaker, she has been interviewed on hundreds of podcasts, radio shows and TV Shows, including Oprah’s Oxygen Channel and the Millionaire Mindset. She is regularly featured as woman in leadership.

In 2010 Jennifer was booked to keynote for companies such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Amana and Goodman, later being asked to focus and become the preferred digital marketing agency for their dealer networks. From that moment on, her company became so busy within the home services industry, they only take on projects from other industries sparingly.  

She has build an agency with over 100 of the most talented, kind and hard working people in the world and has been able to focus on much more strategic and innovative solutions – always 5 steps ahead of her peers in the industry.

All that aside, she cares deeply about her customers, her team and her family like no other. She is a passionate speaker with a mobile lifestyle. Driven by the success of others and the freedom that creates for her family and her to travel the world and help more people. She creates an ecosystem of growth, evolution and success, with a focus on total fulfillment for her clients, her team and her family. Her knowledge is sometimes overwhelming, but not intimidating. She was given the gift of being left and right brained, analytical and creative, fun and stern.

She attracts people with the desire for success, results and fulfillment running through their veins. They have empathy and a sincere compassion for small business and humans in general. She knows how to navigate the world of the busy entrepreneur and she want’s everyone to enjoy life!  She want’s our team to travel, spend time with their family, take time for themselves, make time to take care of their health and always keep learning. If you follow her and her team, you will see that they work hard and enjoy life. 

She teaches entrepreneurs how to create more time, money and freedom… and how to build a business designed to share the wealth with their team. How to make sure everyone wins.

Here is a quick summary of how other industry professionals, our clients and our team see Jennifer… Check out this short video where an industry professional is discussing empathy and how our CEO is the best example of someone who absolutely loves her team, customers, family and community, and shows it every day through random acts of kindness and giving. This is what we love the most..



Jennifer is an escort, sponsor and volunteer for the Red Carpet Event Night of Superstars. Night of Superstars is a Ragan’s HOPE event created to be an “Oscar-like” red-carpet charity event that draws numbers of local celebrities, high-profile personalities, media, and hundreds of guests! This celebration is to honor the accomplishments of 20 amazing children, students and young adults in their respective geographical areas who are affected by varying types of disabling conditions, yet reach far beyond their adversities and excel in areas such as academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, the arts, and community service!