Tammy Kling Joins CI Web Group Team!

CI Web Group is pleased to announce the addition of Tammy Kling, the leading expert on content and corporate communications, to our team. Tammy is a bestselling author, website content creator, and sales funnel monetization expert who turns business words into currency. Tammy has written more than 104 books for clients and created content for websites, proposals, white papers, last marketing to the sales funnel, and magazine articles. Working alongside corporate marketing and internal teams, Tammy edits marketing materials to target specific objectives and consumers. Tammy helps build corporate library assets in the forms of books and timeless marketing and communications products. Her TEDx talk on the power of words challenges corporate audiences and individuals to think of words as currency. Tammy writes content for corporations across the globe and has worked with small, medium and large businesses including the NBA, First Command, Medstar, Rivera healthcare, Dial corporation, American Airlines, Lulumon, Wrigley, the Knowledge to Action foundation in London, and many more. As a valued human asset to our team, Tammy will write content that sells, including newsletters, websites and books to freshen, advance, and promote our client businesses. Her book The Transparent Leader—co-authored with a Fortune 500 CEO (Dial Corporation)—has been translated into several languages and sold in bookstores across the globe. How can we utilize Tammy to help you?

Her role as an onsite Project Management consultant with First Command Corporation to create online content and marketing materials included interviewing two layers of leaders one-on-one and creating an executive’s book and marketing materials to be distributed to clients and prospects with the goal of awareness and revenue generation. Ultimately, more than 60,000 copies of that book were printed.The Elephant in the Room, which outlines and describes principles of finance and building wealth, was eventually sold to a publisher.
Tammy then co-authored a second book in the series, There’s More to Life than the Corner Office with Lamar Smith, the CEO of First Command Corporation. That book has been released in China.


Milwaukee, WI


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