Streamlining Recruitment For Faster Placements

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Streamlining Recruitment For Faster Placements

When you’re focused on growing your business, it can be tough to find the time needed to look for new staff. But when it comes to your bottom line, building up a proactive team is just as crucial as expanding your customer base. 

This is where you can count on Indeed to make your life easier by pinpointing the perfect candidate for your position. If you already have a job board on your website you don’t need to do anything. The content is being propagated directly on Indeed’s massive talent pool.

If on the other hand you don’t, reach out to our team. Normally, you would need to open a free account with your email address, then define your job posting with a title, description, skill requirements and location – and you would be ready to post. But the job boards we create on your behalf here at CI Web Group automate the whole process on your behalf!

Once you’ve dived into the huge talent pool offered by the platform’s social media, our state-of-the-art tools would do the rest by helping you shortlist the top possibilities for your hvac marketing company.

For added visibility, you can sponsor your listing, making sure that it will be seen by the best-qualified candidates. Photographs and videos add eye-appeal through friendly glimpses into your corporate culture. With your Indeed listing, you become a brand ambassador for your company, showcasing its benefits through attention-grabbing content, rather than just job postings. This is where creative flair makes all the difference.

By doing our job efficiently, our digital marketing experts help you drive your business ahead with simple but powerful tools. If you still have any doubts, come chat with us.

Checkout last weeks webinar where we brought on one of the top recruiting experts in the home services industry.

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