Stay Busy During Winter as an HVAC Contractor

Stay Busy During Winter as an HVAC Contractor | CI Web Group

It’s the universal struggle for all heating and air conditioning businesses: How do you stay busy during winter as an HVAC contractor?

Understanding Demand in HVAC

The first piece of the puzzle is demand. hvac digital marketing is a business that is based on the weather. If it’s 65 degrees F outside, you will not be getting many calls. There is also a varying demand based on what time of the month it is and close to Christmas (less demand) vs. Income Tax Season (more demand). Once you have an idea of how demand ebbs and flows, you will be able to more accurately estimate what your income will look like each month.

Are You an Option?

In order to get a lead, you must be an option where they are looking for services. Typically, most consumers turn to search engines to help find reputable contractors that can get the job done quickly and without the hassle. Once you are ranking on Google, what’s next? As a contractor, it is your job to present your company as the best option out there.

Google Reviews

How many Google reviews do you have? What’s the average star rating? If you do not have enough reviews or have too low of a rating, you will lose out on potential leads that get scared away by your online reputation.

Social Media

This is where you show off your team, job photos, and your great sense of humor. Win over potential customers by just being you. People love to get to know who they are working with and social media is a great place to convey that. Here’s ours as an example.

Getting in Touch

The hvac marketing company and industry has come a long way quickly since the start of 2020. Everything had to switch virtual and FAST. Having the ability to book appointments online, chat online, and text became so important that we saw an increase in conversion of up to 25% for HVAC contractors that implemented online conversion technologies.

Stay Busy During Winter as an HVAC Contractor | CI Web Group

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