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Stages of a Web Project

At CI Web Group, we’ve created a seamless Web Project for building your brand and business beyond word-of-mouth. As technology evolves, it’s important for any business to stay on top of their internet presence through an effective website design.

Typically, websites last about 18-24 months.

The search engine, platform and coding they were built on becomes less secure, functional and interactive for consumers. Increase your business traffic through improved domain hosting, AI Chatbots, a Google My Business link and more. Fill your appointment books throughout your busy seasons!

But where do you start?

Let’s take a look!

Stage 1: Web Project Onboarding

Conversion Systems

Conversion Systems allow each team at CI Web Group to have the necessary information on your company and brand to begin your web project. This includes filling out Onboarding Forms.

It’s important to fill out everything as thoroughly as possible. This way our team can focus on your website design, and you can focus on your trade!

Take the time to review the services you offer. As well as your busy seasons, hours of operation, and all the other details that make your business- a business!

Account Set Up & Design Brief

Your own CI Web Group Account Manager will take all the information provided in the Conversions System to fill out your Customer Relations Management (CRM) Account. They’ll begin laying out your specific web project timeline.

Looking at everything that makes your company unique, they create a Design Brief that brings your business into the new digital age!

Launch Call

This is where the fun starts! You’ll find your starting point, generate ideas, and answer any remaining questions we might need to get started!

Each member of the CI Web Group team specializes in maintaining your vision and voice. Implementing the latest marketing strategies, search engine optimizations, and social media trends to increase your overall discoverability across the web.

But first, the creativity!

Stage 2: Design Phase

The design phase is when your choice in subscription comes into play.

You’ve either chosen one of the three options below.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) Site

Basic RAD

These are ready-made template sites created by our Web Team. If you’re a Services Contractor in need of your first website, this is the package for you!

Replacement RAD

If you already have an existing site for your company, this takes a large chunk of the initial Design Phase out of the way. We will customize your logo, color branding, update on-site contact information, links to Social Media platforms, and an as-is content transfer from your current website!

Custom Website

If you already have branding guidelines, a custom website design, specific requirements, or a vision already in mind, you should absolutely choose the Custom Designed Website


This is a great solution for any business that has a larger, dedicated target base in need of superior detail. Our team will create a custom header, footer, home page, sidebar, and sliders, all while integrating your logo and color branding.

Stage 3: Website Development

In this stage, you’ll watch the website design for your page come to life.

All the teams come together to get your designs, coding, assets, and information functioning throughout your site. Our experts make sure your website is written in the latest code, fresh with content, and optimized for full functionality.

You’ll continually receive email notifications to stay in the loop.

When the development on your website starts, a link to the development site to view the progress, and updates on when the site is moved to different teams. Our Web Team hands things over to the Content and SEO department. This depends on the packages you’ve subscribed for or added to your website design.

Want to get an in-depth look at how we optimize your discoverability on search engines? Click here!

Once everything is in place, it’s on to Project review!

Stage 4: Web Project Review

You’ll use the project review meeting with your Account Manager to add any other assets you might want to make your website more personal.

Whether it’s company headshots, your main location, truck images, work sites, or jobs- you name it!

It’s important to make time and prepare for this meeting so you and the team at CI Web Group remain in clear communication for a smooth development project.

But don’t worry, this probably won’t be the only one!

Our Content Team will make sure to implement any photos you have- or locate free, relevant images to place instead.


You can ALWAYS change out assets, phrases, and other content within your site easily once development is complete- however, keep in mind that any major changes can increase the project timeline. This is why you’ll have multiple project and dev site review meetings to ensure everything is the way YOU want it.

You’ll see the amount of time YOU dedicate to your project reflect in how it all turns out!

Final Stage: Go Live Approval!​

After approving the dev site, you move into the Prep for Go Live phase. You’ve successfully completed the Stages of a Web Project!

During this final phase, the website will go through one more run-through. It’s checked for coding errors, and missing or dysfunctional content. The site also undergoes metadata transfers to ensure you don’t lose your previously established ranking.

After the site goes live, it’s your job to test everything as your typical customer would.

This is incredibly important; look at the site from an outside view. What changes would you like to see? Have your team get familiar with how they’ll be receiving new leads, and where they’ll be coming from.

Don’t wait to go through your site, you could be losing out on potential customers!

Our Web Team hands things over to the Content and SEO department. This depends on the packages you’ve subscribed for or added to your site.

A Social Media Marketing plan will boost your discoverability. CI Web Group can add that- and much more- to your site before or after you’re LIVE!

Ready to get started on your own Web Project? Click the button below to Schedule a Free Strategy Session at your convenience!

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