Shankar Gowri – Creative Director

Shankar Gowri is a creative genius, heading up our design team. Our design team is a small family within the entire CI Web Group family. The way they interact, plan, strategize and execute is absolutely amazing. Our design team works nights to accelerate our production process, pumping out creative gold throughout the night. They love to have a client submit their changes or ideas and wake up the next morning at 7 AM to see their ideas come to fruition. Whether you are creating an online magazine, kids pre-school, a professional services website, etc. their ability to create a custom design that makes you stand out as the best in class in your industry is just, what they do. Every time. Shankar speaks Hindi and English, but he, and his team speak more with their creative eye, than anything else. He Studied at Andhra University.

Milwaukee, WI

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