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Is Your Website Converting Traffic?

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What is the Results Plan?

The Results Plan is designed to leverage the 12 Step Roadmap to Achieve Accelerated Results for a single PPL (Page, Phrase, and Location), ultimately to drive your ROI for that service. This is done by focusing on specific High Leverage Activities and Key Performance Indicators to research, implement, measure, and refine our efforts month over month to drive results. Once you start competing for the top 3 positions on Google, the game completely changes and the competition is tough! Is it worth the investment? If you are on page 1 of Google your impressions (the percentage of people searching for your services who happen to see your website increases by over 95%). What does that mean? You could be sitting on page 2, position 1 and you may have only 3% of the impression share for that PPL and by moving to page 1 position 3 you now own 98% of the search volume making your investment start producing the return you need.

Results plans take into account Supply and Demand to determine the trajectory of our efforts.  Supply and demand are defined as:

  • Demand: How many people are searching for a solution in your service area?
  • Supply Quantity: How much competition is in your service area?
  • Supply Quality: How much is your competition investing in their marketing?  And which keywords and which marketing tactics are they investing in?
  • Brand & Reputation play a critical role in your customer trusting you enough to make a buying decision digitally, and may take some time to develop your Brand Message and Reputation?

The results plan will isolate verticals at the keyword level, not just the service level to help us prioritize our efforts.  A flex budget is used to pivot as results for a given vertical plateaus.

Results are measured

  • Search Traffic (demand)
  • Click Through Rate
  • Pages per Session
  • Avg Time on Page
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Acquisition Rate

The flex budget, allows us to hyper focus on efforts that will improve the metrics that will have the most impact on your bottom line.

A flexible budget, where we the experts, can collaborate and decide on how it is to be used each month (or quarter depending on budget), and the results expected to come from it.

A very wide range of solutions are available to a wide range of potential room-for-improvement.  Actions include:

  • Recurring Strategy Sessions
  • Content Strategy
    • YouTube Optimization
    • Press Releases
    • Content Topic Modeling
  • Content Writing
  • Link-building & Citations
    • On Page
    • Off Page
  • Experience Improvements
    • Graphic Design
    • Page Redesign

How is this Going to Help People Find Me?

Our team has created this video to give a quick run down over the Results Plan. If you have any further questions, and are a current client, you can schedule time with your strategist. If you are new to CI Web Group, we recommend you reach out to our sales department so they can 

Results Plan | CI Web Group

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