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Our clients see us as a central resource hub.

They often lean on our team to help with vendor selection, technology evaluations, connections and overall business strategy.  Our vast experience and network allows us to save our clients time and money in costly bad investments, relationships and decisions.

Our network includes some of the most connected and influential people in business, as well as, extensive resource lists for just about anything you need.

Whether you are a CEO, High Achiever, Celebrity, Athlete, Entreprenuer or Start Up, having the right resources at the right time plays a significant role in your overall success.  Whether you want to Author and Publish a book, need strategic coaching, marketing advice or help with technology solutions, our resources may just be the perfect solution.
Through better mentors, you can make better decisions.  These resources help remove blind spots that may be preventing you from growth or costing valuable time and money.
Our clients are our partners.  Leverage us as a resource.  It never hurts to ask.

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CI Web Group

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CI Web Group
2300 McDermott Road Suite 200 – 245,
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  • Customer Service, Ext 2
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  • Marketing & Strategy, Ext 4
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Dallas Web Design Agency | Dallas SEO Company
5 star service! 3 reviews
Dallas Web Design Agency | Dallas SEO Company
5 star service! 3 reviews



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