Press Release: CI Web Group Launches Content Marketing & CRO Division

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For Immediate Release: CI Web Group hire’s Renown Authority Content Writer and Conversion Rate Optimization Expert

It is with great pleasure and excitement I get to introduce our new Content and CRO (Conversion Rate optimization) Team and Team Director, Joseph Vitalis!  As you may know, we have been searching around the globe for the best candidate to head up our new CRO and Content Marketing Division and after a year of research and interviews.

We have hired one of the best Content Writers and Conversion Experts in the world.  Joseph speaks fluent English and Greek. He lives similar to us… The World is his home (as long as he’s got great internet), recently in UAE, Greece, Spain, France, and London. Please welcome Joseph Vitalis to our team…

This is an exciting time for CI Web Group, Inc. as we are now positioned to take our clients to the next level with high-quality content and our conversion rate expert team.  We will be making recommendations to all existing customers on how to take advantage of these services by altering your current plan to either include high-quality content in your plan or change your existing plan to reduce the number of articles and increase the quality of content for your current plan. We will be phasing out our SEO Content Writing department – currently providing low-quality content over time.

Joseph has also finished hiring our new Advanced Social Media Marketing Team (previously we have only provided very basic social marketing services and auto-posting options for anything outside of Facebook).  For those companies interested in taking a more HVAC marketing strategic and aggressive approach to Social Media marketing.

This is now an option.  From custom content plans, boosting strategies, advertising strategies to cross-channel marketing, we can customize a plan for you with our high-quality content writing, design, and conversion rate optimization teams.  Stay tuned for the next announcement which will have further instructions.

Jennifer Bagley – CI Web Group. Inc.

Here’s a quick personal letter from Joseph.

This is a short letter where I’ll be introducing myself to you. I’m sure you might be wondering why that’s important but I am the new Content and Conversions Expert for the CI Web Family. Truth be told, everything happened very fast, Jennifer and the whole team possess impressive expertise in web design, development, search engine marketing, social media, local marketing, and technology development.

My passion is generating leads and increasing customers’ loyalty through high-quality digital content and conversion rate optimization strategies for design and content. I’m sure you know how these two taken together give us and our clients the perfect combo for long-term business success. But let me elaborate.

My name is Joseph Vitalis and I’ve been dealing with digital content and conversions for the past five years. I’ve worked with many companies around the globe and at a young age I ended up being Head of Content for an agency in Dubai.

I worked with many high-profile individuals and dealt with sensitive information – including but not limited to the VP of Emirates Airlines, Microsoft UAE, Sephora, Audi, Nescafe, and many more. Back when I was starting up, I had also carried out content work for HVAC contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Medical companies, Business Services, eCommerce, and many more so I am well aware of the intricacies of the many industries.

I am an expert in everything that revolves around digital content and sales generation. From landing pages and web copy, email sequence automation, to video explainers and YouTube ad scripts – I am your guy. I am highly proficient in cross-platform digital media strategy and digital marketing, encompassing video, audio, and social media. My skill set offers a unique combination of creativity and a proven track record in management and marketing.

Now that you have achieved good rankings for your website (resulting in decent amounts of traffic month in and out) we can start envisioning the future. Together we can engage your clients to an unprecedented level and skyrocket your sales via email, authority content, updated web copy, pay-per-click ads, custom landing pages, A/B testing, email marketing automation, video scripts, advanced social media marketing, and much more.

Companies around the world in every niche are spoiling customers with great, engaging content that speaks directly to their needs. You can’t be left out.

It’s a great pleasure to join the CI Web family, and I can’t wait to help you get more sales.

Until then, thank you all for the warm welcome!

Joseph – Director of Content Marketing and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) with CI Web Group


Please complete the following form to let us know your interest level in upgrading or modifying your current content strategy (SEO Blogs, website content, social media, email marketing).


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.

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Thank you!
Jennifer Bagley
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