Potency of SMS Marketing for HVAC Contractors

Potency of SMS Marketing for HVAC Contractors

Potency of SMS Marketing for HVAC Contractors | CI Web Group

The Potency of SMS Marketing for HVAC Contractors

Ever considered leveraging SMS for your HVAC business? Communicating with your customers at a sky-high (around 98%) open rate is a unique opportunity that shouldn’t be allowed to go down the drain. The truth is that email is inferior to SMS marketing and remarketing, simply because the latter is more personal and intrusive.

Finally! They Get to Read What You Want to Communicate

For better or worse, HVAC contractors have a lot to do on a daily basis.  Just some of these things include: trying to gain new customers while providing excellent service to your current ones, managing your technicians, and balancing your budget to keep up with varying technologies to keep everything running smoothly.

On top of all this, one of the most important and stressful things is handling the high level of competition against other HVAC contractors in your area!  Luckily there is a new and innovative (yet simple!) way to keep your HVAC business rolling: SMS MarketingIt is well known that just about every single person in this day and age owns a smart phone, and texting has long been the preferred method of communication among them.

Potency of SMS Marketing for HVAC Contractors | CI Web Group

How to Get Started

In the HVAC industry, we know that you only service your current customers every so often.  This is why it is extremely important to keep generating new leads on a monthly – even daily – basis. These leads will turn into your new loyal customers.

You may be asking “How does SMS marketing get me these new leads?”

The answer is simple.  You can now allow your customers to text you in real time from your HVAC website through a widget called “SMS Chat”.  Within this, there is even an option to set up an auto responder which can automatically send them a link to your calendar.  This will allow prospective clients to book appointments on their own.  You can even reply yourself and let them know a list of availabilities.

Another method is by running your promotions through SMS as well.  Customers can text phrases or keywords such as “Text Best HVAC for 20% off of services!” They will then receive an instant coupon reply.  This can be done with seasonal promotions as well.  By doing this, it makes your customer feel appreciated as they become the point of focus.

SMS Marketing can also generate word of mouth referral.  New customers are generated this by existing customers who you have sent an SMS to regarding services and promotions.  These existing customers then spread the word to family, friends and colleagues for you!  Boom – leads generated! All of this, including positive reviews can all come from a simple automated campaign.

The Mechanics Behind SMS Marketing for the HVAC Industry

Did you know that only about 20% of people actually answer phone calls from numbers they do not recognize? An email response takes an average of 12 hours.  Voicemail?  Most people don’t even bother.  However, on average, SMS are read within 5 minutes of being sent!  This makes SMS marketing an improved form of communication.  When building any long term relationship, communication is key.

Sending an SMS is a personal message from you to your customers and prospects.  This SMS can be simple thank you message after a service has been booked or completed, or letting them in on a sale or coupon code only to those involved in your SMS campaign.  By the very nature of SMS, you are able to reach a large amount of people all at the same time.  People almost always have their phone on or within an arms reach of them.

Building and maintaining your database is extremely important.  Aside from data protection, it is key to have a line of communication to touch base with your customers and prospects.  Once they opt-in, your sales process has started!  The people that opt-in are already qualified potential and existing customers that definitely want to hear from you!  There is one vital thing to remember:  always give your customers and opportunity to unsubscribe from further communication with you.

If you think this sounds expensive – think again! SMS Marketing is very affordable as it is largely automated.  It is an inexpensive, yet effective tool to use to help out your advertising budget.

Start happy conversations, boost engagement and get your profit margin soaring! The potency of SMS Marketing for HVAC contractors is in the profits it reels in! Get in touch with our team today, and see for yourself why and how it works like clockwork!

It Doesn't Simply Stop There!

As we have seen, it is easy to understand the immense potential of SMS marketing for your HVAC business.  The good reviews stemming from it boost trust, and eventually, sales.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that the list of the marketing tools at your disposal is virtually endless.  Here are some of the tools to expand your reach and conquer your service areas:

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Start happy conversations, boost engagement and get your profit margin soaring!  Leverage tools that are proven to make your customers feel at ease.  The potency of SMS marketing for HVAC contractors is in the profits it reels in!  Get in touch with our team today, and see for yourself why and how it works like clockwork.  

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