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Local Listing and Review Management Plans

Our Local Listing and Review Management Platform Adds Power to Your Digital Marketing Efforts!

Most businesses spend a lot of money for their brick and mortar location. And often, businesses pay even more money for a high traffic location. Suppose you have 10 million potential customers walking or driving by your front door every year. Sounds pretty good right? However, Google receives over 5 Billion searches a day. That’s potentially huge exposure for your business! But, you have to be properly positioned!

For many businesses, you’re dealing with the fact that your customer base is local. Maybe you have a brick-and-mortar business and you’re trying to figure out how to target customers on the web that are literally within your area. By leveraging reviews from your clients and local business listings websites, you’re able to market your business within a very close radius of your location. Local listings and reviews on Google allow you to position and market your company by specific city and zip code. Did someone post a bad review about your company? You can’t make it go away, but you can respond to it and state your case. Or you can make it a priority to have your existing clients post positive reviews that will ultimately minimize the negative impact of the bad review. Utilizing Local Listings and Reviews within your digital marketing campaign gives you the ability to play offense and defense.

Did you know there are around 85 credible business listing websites out there? You can certainly chose to do this yourself by visiting each site and adding your corporate information. Just imagine how time consuming this would be? This is one of those times when it pays to hire expert help! An expert will not only help you get set up with consistent information in all the right locations, they will continue to monitor your accounts in order to manage your reputation. A business listings expert will help manage your digital presence in online maps, directories and apps. It’s all about control and results for your business. When you control your information on dozens of local listings websites, when you enhance your listings with photos, descriptions, and specials, you will stand out from your competitors. Regardless of how you do it, begin taking steps to help you obtain your prime, online real estate.

Common tasks CI Web Group will perform on your behalf.

  • Add enhanced content to your listings
  • Extend your listings by adding products/services, calendars, staff bios, menus, and videos
  • See all of your listings and click through to see how they look
  • Monitor what customers are saying by using review monitoring
  • View reports on how often your listings have been viewed