Lisa Turner – Senior Account Executive

Lisa Turner – Senior Account Executive

Lisa Turner – Senior Account Executive

I have been described as a morning person who starts my days with a drive to how can I assist in bringing opportunity/success to others.  This is my goal in every area of my life is to assist with the direction in my professional life as well as my family. I moved to Georgia over 10 years ago to enjoy southern living and raise my youngest daughter.  I am originally from Connecticut and attended the University of Bridgeport.  My focus was digital marketing. Hailing from Connecticut, I am a proud resident of Georgia with a passion for sales, communications, and team building. I am a proud mother of 3 (a set of twins- a boy and a girl and daughter).  I am a proud Grandmother of one that I enjoy spoiling every chance I get.  I love entertaining family and friends. I am blessed with a circle of support that gives much joy!  As a working mother, many would say that I am a natural leader and multi-tasker.   Love-Love to cook.

I was referred to CI Web Group by a close colleague and friend.  With 30 years of sales experience, leading accounts for fortune 500 companies, I currently excel as the Senior Account Executive for CI Web Group.  As a Business Strategist, I help determine targets and develop strategic plans to ensure that those targets are met. I also focus on areas such as product development,  evaluation, marketing strategies, and expanding revenue sources.

True successes for me would be when I have worked with some of our VIP clients and have worked with them in stages.  Stage 1- Website-Content-Maintenance and work with them through Stages working on the 12 Step Road Map and seeing success throughout.  Sticking to doing the right items in the right order at the right time. I work with an amazing team that brings great results. With such a growing/changing industry there will always be more to learn and achievements.

I have worked as a Sales/Strategist for over 30 years.  Proud to have excelled with all of my positions because of my short and sweet:  Strong work ethic.CI Web Group has offered me the best of both worlds of working in an industry that is growing brighter each day and alongside a team that is a ‘top of the line’ specialist. 

My motto is “Assisting with my clients with their next level of success”, meaning I am dedicated to serving my clients with excellence – meeting their needs with exceptional product delivery.

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