Lawyer Website Designs That Turn Visitors Into Clients

Lawyer Website Designs That Turn Visitors Into Clients

Lawyer Website Designs
Every law firm wants that perfect website that will, by design, convert visitors into clients. Well, according to Lawyerist, who has been reviewing great lawyer websites for over 5 years, there are commonalities in every good lawyer website. While the aesthetic value of your site is important, that is often not enough to get a potential client to hire you. In this article we will discuss the key things that attract and hold visitors so that your website becomes a conduit that allows every visitor to take the next step in hiring you.

  1. Prominently display your value proposition: (If you have not already gotten a value proposition established, stop now and do a quick and easy Value Proposition Model from Wikipedia). Using images, videos, colors and even font styles that reflect the value you want will allow the visitor to absorb the feel of your law firm. You do not want to just slap the value on as a tagline and walk away. You will know you have been successful in doing this if visitors who contact you say something like, “I just think your firm will stick with me and help me through this.”
  2. Responsiveness: Basically, this means that all content will have a uniform appearance no matter what size screen the viewer is using. As early as 2008, smartphone usage overpowered computer usage for finding consumer information. This means that your website needs to look just as compelling on the smartphone screen as it does on the “big screen”. A well-designed website does not need the user to resize it so that it can be read, it is clear and readable from any device. Another thing to consider is that a smartphone user does not want to complete a long contact form. They would most likely rather call your firm, so make sure a telephone line is provided and easy to use. ( For other mobile usage facts you can check out this link for mobile technology)
  3. Striking Images: Remember that the internet is a visual tool and an intriguing image that conveys your value proposition may get the visitor to stay on the page long enough (most just move on in 3- 10 seconds!) to stay and find out what you are all about. That means that the top half of your page MUST be compelling enough to say”we are the right fit for you”.
  4. Decisive and Clear Call to Action: In that important first page, a simple, not busy, layout will clearly display who you are and what the visitor needs to do to become a part of what you are proposing. There are two questions you need to ask yourself:
  5. What action do you want your visitors to take?
  6. What simple, short message will most likely cause them to take this action?

If you think most of your visitors will want more information about who you are, have them click a link, subscribe to a mailing list, watch a quick professionally made video, download a white paper, etc. All of these can be set to capture visitors’ information that will allow you to start a drip campaign with information and opportunities. Don’t make visitors think.

These four things may not give you the perfect website, but they are 4 things that every award-winning lawyer website design has in common. They all are important steps to turning that visitor into a new client, however, the most important thing is making sure your site reflects you. At CI Web Group we are dedicated to helping you design a website that will clearly express your values, help customers become clients, and fit within your budget. We will also help you understand search engine optimization (how to make sure your website is at or near the top of Google searches) and how to minimize lead and lag time (things that give your site zip). Contact us SEO Company in Houston, TX to schedule a free consultation.

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