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The Discovery

Kathy J Marshall VP of Customer Experience, Training, & EventsI am Kathy J. Marshall, VP of Customer Experience, Training, & Events.

One of my most favorite affirmations is if I could join up with CI Web Group again, I would.

In my past career in medicine, I often would look back at my beautiful home, family and just knew somewhere out there was a way I could work without the commute and long hours that were demanded by my profession. Those long days in the oncology clinic and on-call hospital weekends got old really quick. I loved my patients, but I knew there was just something else calling me to reach for.

My story actually begins in a south Texas medical clinic, where I was told by my partner physicians to find the best out there for websites, SEO, and Social Media. My search was rather extensive and after a few failed attempts with the wrong companies, my journey found me in Plano, Texas, witnessing a most awesome company developing. I discovered a polished diamond, an educator, the most brilliant person I have ever met with Jennifer Bagley, our CEO, and founder of the 12 Step Roadmap program.

The Sleeper Has Awakened

Digital Marketing TrainingThe uniqueness of this community had developed naturally, with training classes monthly in the company training rooms with customers. Often there was standing room only and the attendees could not get enough of the gold nuggets and key points that were take-home solutions to help them grow their business!! I knew at that moment I was witnessing a special thing, that one just didn’t find often in a lifetime.

This most unique work-place and culture were interesting in that you would find at every employee’s desk thank you cards that were sent out often and everyone picked up the phone to speak with customers. As I got to know our CEO, Jennifer even more, I discovered and met 2 amazing business leaders, in the Seattle, Washington area, nestled on the beautiful Lake Union, Washington, Kevin and Linda Bagley who were such mentors during the initial growth of CI Web Group.

CI Web Group, became my home, my commitment, and passion. My mission in my 2nd career was to find life balance, work from anywhere in the world, find my “Great Thing” to promote to the moon and back.  That quote, “Hitch your wagon to a star”, was my reality and to this day I would do this over and over again. 

The Light Switch

Jennifer Bagley Keynote SpeakerThe first time I heard Jennifer in a keynote presentation was the light bulb moment for me, in that you could see the change in the room when Jennifer began her presentation.  It was like the light switch got turned on and you could see the audience viewing things a different way that they had never envisioned before.  Business owners would walk away empowered and excited to work on their business with a different strategy. Yes, special things were happening and CI Web Group had me at “Hello”.

Coming from a medical career, even with a Master’s Degree, I thought I could jump into this new field and hit the floor running. I quickly found, even though I was technically trained, I had new things to learn. The actual shift came when I learned to have a mindset of excellence, that would create more capacity available for my mind to grow.

The life-changing moment came when I came to full circle realization that the one thing that I could always have power over and could change was only “myself”.  That knowledge and power, has created momentum and empowerment of being unstoppable in all areas of my life.

I Am The Customer Advocate.

One advantage that I have used often is my ability to develop trust with the people I connect with. My patients believed and trusted me even if things were not going well. That past experience has been my strongest tool in working with all customers because folks know I am genuine, I stand for truth and they know I will take great care of them. That is my major definite purpose here at CI Web Group. I want customers to know we care and that we can get through any barriers, concerns, issues together.

I also have a firm belief in helping teammates WIN and become excellent in their department. Our goal is for everyone to duplicate themselves with people better than themselves. That is the moment of excellence that I strive on a day by day basis.

Meet the educator

HVAC Dealer Digital Marketing TrainingTeaching and training have been my beginnings, not only in one of my favorite hobbies, playing the Piano, teaching students to work my way through College, to later educating my patients on doing the right things, in the right order, at the right time.  Sound familiar, yes, that is a quote, internally we call it a “Jenniferism” which was a part of my heart and soul even before I joined the company.

Training moments can become most special, when a client gets a lightbulb moment during the training or later, with great results due to their learned efforts. Our customers here at CI Web group are amazing and with the right help, can climb mountains and meet their goals.  All we really need from our customers is to “Show Up, Suit Up, and Participate” (by Jennifer Bagley).

Meet the Implementor and Bat Phone Owner

Positivity Wins Corporate ExecutivesI like to take care of business immediately when possible and often when a customer calls and need help, they may find themselves on a virtual meeting, watching my shared screen as we work out a few issues from their request.

I own the Bat Phone to the grand central station. Call me the “Flight Controller” for CI Web Group. I will get you connected to the right team leader, your Account Executive or the Support Team.  When you do need a direct connection to our CEO/COO Jennifer Bagley & Michael Hicklen, I can make it happen in this lifetime.

When you need your event booked with logistics planned or need your project moving aggressively, just call my name, we can make it happen.

What I Do At CI Web Group

  • WordPress Training Specialist
  • CRM Trainer
  • Content Generator and Review acquisition trainer
  • Email/texting campaign trainer
  • Book Jennifer Bagley and other approved speakers to speak
  • Event Logistics, planning, and strategy with our nationwide HVAC Distributors and Corporate Manufacturers.
  • Train internal team on necessary procedures
  • Partner with other company leaders to get things done
  • Work on internal company marketing endeavors, websites, developments.
  • Manage Flight Control, incoming calls, event speaker requests at the “Speed of Life”,  here at CI Web Group
  • Supporter, Trainer, Motivator, and Implementor


  • WordPress Trainer at CI Web Group for 8 years
  • CRM Trainer at CI Web Group for 8 years
  • Email/Campaign trainer at CI Web Group for 8 years
  • Event planning, logistics at CI Web Group for 8 years
  • Webinar Training on CRM for our corporate manufacturers.
  • Master of Science from Baylor College of Medicine
  • 22 years Physician Assistant in South Texas in specialties such as GI, Neurology, Infectious Diseases, Oncology and Hematology.
  • Avid WordPress blogger and SMM experience as a health care provider
  • Speaker at major organizations on health-related and CMS (Content Management System) topics.
  • 30 years experience in growing successful teams/business leaders.

Positivity Wins

There is absolutely no other way than to be positive, this is mandatory in my heart, soul, and mind. The world around us is ever changing, never the same and sometimes outright unpredictable.

Positive mindset and your journey to excellence walk hand in hand. Others feel it and know it, if you live by it and use it, for the good on this planet, your rewards will be ten-fold.

The Universe is Abundant Be Grateful

Work Place Ethic Gratitude

We thank you for being our customer, our partners, our promoters, supporters, referral partners, Olympic Torch Carriers, patience with Google changes and computer cache refreshing, listening to our techy moments, participating in our platform changes, trusting our recommendations, participating in our training to maximize your tools, joining our family, meeting for more training.

We thank you for your trust.

Kathy J Marshall

VP of Customer Experience, Training, & Events

CI Web Group

877 839-1122 Ext #100


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Milwaukee, WI


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