Kathy J Marshall – VP of Customer Service and Training

Kathy J Marshall – VP of Customer Service and Training

kathy marshallKathy J Marshall (also known as Kathy J) is the most seasoned veteran of the entire team, having started with us as a client almost a decade ago and soon after fell in love with the company. With her country accent and sincere love for our clients, she is loved by many. Kathy oversees our customer service and client training, as well as, being the right hand for our CEO’s speaking events and internal marketing efforts. With her southern drawl and old school customer service style, her passion for our customers, their needs and their happiness shows in everything she does. She is passionate about the company, our mission and our purpose. She is probably one of the most positive and sincere people you will ever meet taking exceptional care of our team and our customers in every way possible. She is a one-stop shop to get pushed to the top of the list for any client within any department, as the team trusts her judgement and works to ensure any issues are resolved quickly. Save her number in your phone… as she has bat-phone-access to anyone in the business. Kathy has a high S and I personality. She is a supporter and promoter.

Kathy holds a Master of Science degree from Baylor College of Medicine having spent her life caring for people as a Physician Assistant, working for Methodist Hospital, MD Anderson, Baylor College of Medicine and many more.

Kathy is a Powerful Promoter and Supporter! You can find her…

  • Blogging
  • Photography
  • Promoting
  • Training
  • Serving
  • Volunteering for our Community
  • Specializes in working with clients within the Medical Industry

Kathy is known for volunteering to do just about anything for a client and asking for forgiveness later.

Kathy will go to WAR for a client or team member…

Kathy Marshall CI Web Group

Milwaukee, WI


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