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Before I introduce myself to you, let me ask you…Are you ready to make this your best sales year to date? It’s undeniable that diamonds are created under pressure, but here at CI Web Group, we like to take the pressure off your shoulders right from the get-go. We know no boundaries as a team, and even though this is directly reflected in our work, we always do our best to walk the talk in the way we live our own lives. When you hire us, you hire the best team of digital experts from around the globe. A team that has a thing for performance-based solutions that never fail to amaze. Our 12 Step roadmap is the only proven blueprint of its kind, and if you decide to leverage this process, it’s guaranteed to propel your business to new heights. After all, our results speak for themselves. But before you fasten your seat belt and let us take the digital wheel, let me tell you a bit more about me (I am the guy who deals with consumer psychology, content, and conversions).

Joseph Vitalis Content Marketing CI Web Group
Joseph Vitalis, Content Marketing When something has to get done, we knock it out. Any time, anywhere.

I am an expert in everything that revolves around digital content and online sales generation. From landing pages and web copy to video explainers and YouTube ad scripts – I’m your guy! I’m highly proficient in cross-platform digital media and HVAC marketing strategies, encompassing video, audio, and social media. What I bring to the table is a unique combination of creativity and a proven track record in management and marketing.

I have been dealing with digital content and conversions since I was a teenager. As soon as I graduated almost top of my class from one of the best universities in London, United Kingdom (Queen Mary University of London) with a degree in Marketing, I decided that staying put was not a good idea. I packed up my stuff and started traveling the world while working from my laptop. At a young age, I had already worked with many people around the globe on a regular as well as on a freelance basis. The HVAC marketing company industry was no stranger to me since day one, one of my first clients was an agency in California that needed me to craft their clients’ content from scratch. Two years later I held the title of “Head of Content” for an agency in Dubai. I worked with many high-profile individuals in Dubai, London, Singapore, and the US and dealt with sensitive information – including but not limited to the VP of Emirates Airlines, Microsoft UAE, Sephora, Audi, Nescafe, and many more. I have been with CI Web Group for the past 3 years and my job revolves around content. Here are some fun facts about my department:

We have been producing unique text, tailored to our client’s needs, with an average word count of 300,000 words to a low of 80,000 words per month, every single month.

We incorporate all client feedback, edit and publish the work in under 12 hours, even on holidays.

Email marketing is proven to increase customer lifetime values, if you want us to do it for you, we are going to spend 3 hours on the phone just to make sure you understand what’s going on throughout the process, during the middle of the night if need be.

My department offers several different products to our clients. Here are some of them: Website Copy-writing, SEO Content, Social Media Content and Copy, Landing pages, Email marketing, video scripts, and more.

Now that you’re on a path to achieve great rankings and traffic for your website with our stellar SEO, Local Listing, and PPC services (along with the rest of the steps within the 12 Step Roadmap), we can start envisioning the future. Together we can engage your clients to an unprecedented level and skyrocket your sales via email, authority content, updated web copy, pay-per-click ads, custom landing pages, A/B testing, email marketing automation, video scripts, advanced social media marketing, and much more. Companies around the world in every niche are spoiling customers with great, engaging content that speaks directly to their needs. Will you be left out? When you get right down to it, Marketing is telling the world you’re a rockstar. Content marketing is showing it.

What makes us the best company for your project is nothing else than pure dedication to our clients’ needs and second-to-none synergy across 7 different departments and a team of 57 people. What sets us apart as a company is a fact that we always prioritize performance-based reporting and honesty. Wanna chat or ask a question? Send me an email at

Joseph Vitalis Content Marketing CI Web Group
Joseph Vitalis, Content Marketing Constantly Strategizing and Executing Without Clarity, We Cannot Focus. Without Focus, We cannot Execute. Without Execution, we will Not Win!

Milwaukee, WI

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