Jazmin Ariel – Web Design Project Management

Jazmin Ariel – Web Design Project Management

Who am I?

My name is Jazmin Hernandez. Let’s get into some details about me, I am born and raised in beautiful Southern California. I have a bubbly, fun and energetic personality that are full of life, I like to bring excitement and laughter to my meetings. One of my main motos is that laughter is the key to happiness when you are laughing there is no time for sadness.

My Profession

I am a Project Manager here at CI Web Group Inc. As a Project Manager, I like to ensure that my clients are happy and excited about what their websites are going to be. I am the person that will guide and manage your website project to ensure it will follow the appropriate timeline we have set out. In working at CI Web Group Inc., I found my tribe of people all with the most brilliant minds. Our team will dedicate time to help build and grow your company CI Web Group Inc. treats our clients like family. One benefit to my background is the knowledge I have regarding the HVAC Industry. This allows me to understand what my clients are looking for and talking about. The HVAC industry is such a huge area of so many different items it can be confusing at times. One big trait I stand firmly on is customer service, the key to marketing is ensuring our customer are happy with the service and products they are receiving.

I am currently pursuing my education for my Bachelors in Marketing and Advertising. I have an understanding of social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google as well as direct mail flyers. In allowing CI Web Group Inc. to help build the website of your dreams you will have some of the best minds behind your company.

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