Intuit Website Builder Review by Jennifer Bagley

Intuit Website Builder Review

Listen to Web and Digital Expert Jennifer Bagley speak on important ideas on doing your website the right way. Jennifer Bagley is the CEO of CI Web Group, creator of 12 StepRoadMap Training.

In today’s ultra-competitive world, getting superior results faster is absolutely critical to success! So many want it! However, this hectic speed of life makes it easy to become side-tracked by things that steal priority and make us less effective. People are hungry for ways to get ahead, to win, to accelerate results both personally and professionally.

Many seek to understand and benefit from, social media, web, search engine optimization, digital marketing, video and sales-force automation – however, without having a complete understanding and comprehensive implementation of The Sales Supply Chain process, attempting to achieve profitable results is futile – even from those providing the services or teaching individual strategies.
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