HVAC Website Checklist for Spring

HVAC Website Checklist for Spring by CI Web Group

HVAC Website Checklist for Spring

Jennifer Bagley and Clay Howard at a speaking event

People know when it’s a stock photo, so let’s work on getting more of your real job, team, and event images on your website. Let people see who they are working with before they call.

Have you thought about creating quick FAQ videos? These can then be added online on your website, social media, and local listings to generate visibility for your business in the digital world.

The HVAC Website Checklist for Spring

There’s only so much time in a day, let’s make this simple.

Website Content

For every product or service that you want to sell, you should have a page so your website can become an option for those searches online. Your website is your store, if you only have “AC Repair” in your store, but don’t have “AC Replacement”, Google won’t know that you sell that service, therefore you cannot be an option.

Team Photos

Your customers want to see you and your team. Adding pictures from team trainings, past jobs, and even professionally produced photos will encourage more people to reach out to you from your website. The more there is for a potential customer to engage with on your website, the more comfortable they will feel about choosing your company.

Before After

Before & After Photos

Arguably the most satisfying part of HVAC is getting to experience the before and after an unit installation. In fact, people love being able to have a more tangible idea of what to expect, even if it’s just a visual. They may have recently been in their sideyard and seen how rusted their current unit is. Let’s show them how your team can make a huge difference in their home’s comfort.

Maintenance Plan Details

It’s always more cost-effective to keep a customer than to have to go searching for new ones each season. One way to encourage loyalty is by offering a service agreement or maintenance plan. Do you have a page on your website that has the messaging and breakdown of your membership? Once you have the page, the next step is allowing someone to purchase it online. Then, once that is in place, allow them to schedule their own appointment.

Financing Integration & Promotion

There’s many people that would prefer to finance their new system, so that should be an option that you not only have on your website, but something to promote! Make it easy for your customers to work with you and get the products and services that they need to be comfortable in their home. Got a great financing offer? Show it on your website to encourage potential customers to consider replacing and, by doing so, decreasing their energy bill and carbon footprint. 

Updated Specials & Rebates

Once you’ve got visitors on your website, it’s time to get them interested in working with you. Many HVAC businesses choose to do this by offering tune up specials, early bird pricing on new system installs, and even will waive service call fees with a repair. In many areas, there are also rebates being offered when homeowners purchase a new air conditioning system. Let people know that rebates and financing are options and why this is so incredibly important for them to consider doing sooner than later.

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